BOT Fails To Disappoint

With a light agenda, and with two sevenths of the Board of Trustees (BOT) in absentia, Tuesday night’s (the normal Monday meeting was pushed back a day because of the Labor Day observance) meeting at Town Hall took on a pace that promised an early adjournment. The remaining Trustees who were present didn’t disappoint.

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Lyons Cross Country – 2015 Preview

By Renée Haip
With extreme focus, dedication, and discipline, the Lyons’ distance crew worked hard all summer with the goal of repeating their impressive double team gold performance at last year’s state meet. These young athletes have run their base miles, cross trained, and engaged in a variety of team bonding activities including a summer training camp in Winter Park, and an end of summer campout in Wyoming. In his twentieth year as head coach for Lyons Cross Country,

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New Balance Valmont Cross Country Invitational

By Renée Haip
For a second year, Lyons Cross Country tested their early season mettle at the challenging and unconventional New Balance Valmont Cross Country Invitational at the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. Hosted by Flatirons Running and New Balance on August 28, the three-mile course consists of winding dirt trails, steep switchbacks, stairs, and hay bale obstacles. Competing in three of the seven mixed heat races of boys and girls, the Lions battled not only their

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Shoot Out On The Plains

It was a shoot-out on the plains as the Lady Lions softball team traveled to Eaton. Lyons collected eleven hits in seven innings and took the lead in the top of the 3rd but, it wasn’t enough and Eaton won this wild shoot-out, 16 to 9, with eleven hits of their own. 

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September: Getting To Know You

Life 101: Beyond High School by Joane Barnard

Here in Lyons there is a wonderful mix of people. Even in the small pool of high school seniors there is variety. This, the second installment of Life 101 for the class of 2016, directs you spend some time finding out what makes you unique.

If you tuned in last month (August 13 issue), you have your transcript in hand, or better yet, you have an electronic

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A Well Regulated Militia

The Occasional Curmudgeon, Gary L. Moore

There are 404 students in Lyons Middle/Senior High School. In 2015, up until August 1, there had been 204 people killed in mass gunfire shootings (three or more people killed in one shooting) here in the United States. If that average continues, we may expect that about 360 people will die from mass gunfire shootings by year’s end. Or, on a local scale, about 90% of the Lyons Middle/Senior High School population who would have died

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August: Important details

By Joanne Barnard

Welcome Class of 2016 to Life 101 – a series of ten articles that divides the otherwise daunting process of preparing for life after high school into a the monthly “to do” list - giving you one area to concentrate for each month of your senior year. Topics range from gathering information about yourself, preparing for and applying

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Lyons Parks Recovery Planning Process Meetings

Don't miss these upcoming Parks Flood Recovery Planning Process public meetings. Come share your ideas and learn about the recovery plans for the parks and trails. The planning teams have developed a new website that will be updated with plans

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Living Without A Safety Net

By Janaki Jane
At LEAF, everyone is welcome to come and ask for help. Middle class or in poverty, everyone occasionally needs some assistance to get through the month. A difference arises, though, when the assistance needed is for thousands of dollars, as opposed to help paying a utility bill or for transportation expenses. Here’s the difference: when a middle class person

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