Lyons Youth Form Volunteer Group

By Sierra Tucker
The Lyons Leo Club, a newly formed youth volunteer organization, held its official charter signing on Saturday, January 28, at Lyons Town Hall. Sponsored by the Lyons Lions Club and chartered by the Lions Club International, the Leo Club hopes to encourage youth involvement in the community by providing

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News From The Farmette

The Lyons Farmette is slowly awakening from their long winter slumber, and they have some exciting news! They have a new website:, and it is beautiful! Helen, the Education Director created

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I can’t vote yes on faith alone

Dear People of Lyons,
I am undecided on the Bohn Park housing, but was insulted by a recent letter to the editor comparing voting no to keeping Mary and Joseph out of the inn, and also suggesting a certain snobbery and selfishness was

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CDBG-DR Grants Help Rebuild

The Larimer County Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) in partnership with Loveland Housing Authority is helping residents rebuild in the wake of the historic 2013 Colorado floods. In June of 2014, the first wave of

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LES Students “Wow” At Discovery Fair

The Lyons Elementary School held their annual Discovery Fair last week, and fifty-five students from kindergarten to fifth grade participated. This year’s theme was “Discover Colorado,” and the students really took the assignment to heart. Their interests ranged from: 14-ers to flowers, predators (fangs, claws, and

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Questions I would like answered before I vote.

Dear Lyons Board of Trustees,
I really appreciate all the discussion on the Bohn Park issue on the Lyons Happenings, Lyons Open Discussion and in the Lyons Newspapers; it is good to hear all the passionate views and information from both sides.  I think it is such an important issue that we all need to be well informed before we vote.

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I Still Have Faith in this Community

Dear Editor,
Like most everyone else in Lyons, and many of the other communities in the Front Range, the floods of September 2013 will always be a “before and after” event in my life. In the weeks and months following the

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Christiansen Scores Career High

By Kari Basey
Despite a phenomenal shooting performance by senior Zach Christiansen, the Lyons High School boys basketball team lost to Dayspring Christian last Tuesday, January 20,  at home 77 to 73.  Christiansen scored

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About Town - January 29, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. The opinions stated are hers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees. 

Another  week  gone  by. Where does time fly! We are all saying prayers this week due to the severe accident our good friend Rick England was in with driver Iann Clayton up the North St. Vrain by the Stone Mountain Lodge. Both are in the hospital with broken bones.

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