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A True Servant's heart

Dear Editor,
Upon invitation, I was thrilled to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner at Dave’s Dogs Gone Wild 2 (Now moved indoors for the winter at City Chicks Café) and the City Chick’s

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St. Vrain Re-Opens Car Wash

If you’ve been thinking you’d really like to get the old heap spiffed up and decorated for the Lyons Parade of Lights, but you just can’t bring yourself to drive all the way over to Longmont or way down to Boulder to the car wash . . . Well aren’t you just a “Lucky Chucky,” because Neil and Connie Sullivan over at the St. Vrain Market have got their car wash re-opened and up and running!

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Walk Like An Egyptian!

The four winners of the Lyons Recorder “King Tut Ticket Give-away” are: Julia Brett, Lilla Hall-FitztStephens, Margaret Edmonds, and Landon Richards. Each winner receives two VIP tickets to the exhibit, and two tickets for the audio tour (narrated by Harrison Ford). Congratulation to all, and enjoy the show. Thank-you to all those who participated in the contest. The pictures were awesome!

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Tempest In A Teapot?

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.
The Planning and Community Development Commission’s (PCDC) public hearing on potential medical marijuana zoning recommendations to the Board of Trustees (BOT) had all

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Festive holiday spirit

The Town of Lyons has put up the new winter banners (featuring the names of local businesses) and Christmas decorations on the light poles on Main Street, giving the Town a festive holiday spirit.




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Lyons Bakers Wow The Judges And Public

Lyons Bakers Wow The Judges And Public

The competition was stiff; 16 bakers entered pies in the three different categories: pecan, pumpkin, and fruit. Contestants made two identical pies: one for tasting and the other for sale for this year’s Stone Cup bake-off to see who would garner bragging rights as “The Best Pie Baker In Lyons.” Mindy Tallent, owner of The Cup, said the judges toiled to the brink of a sugar coma, to determine the winners, and the

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Buy Local Campaign Begins Friday

The Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce (LACC) is kicking off their third annual “Buy Local” campaign on Black Friday, November 26, just in time for your holiday shopping. The campaign has not only been expanded this year, but there are also a couple of new wrinkles!

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Shaking Hands With The Lyon

In this day and age of ethical collapse and adjustable social moralities we must all look carefully at the carnage and decide what’s wrong and/or right about all the daily battles between personal conscience

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Cilantro Mary Throws A Party, Or Two

Wayne and Debbie Anderson, owners of the restaurant Cilantro Mary hosted the November Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce Social last week; co-hosts included the newly opened Bud Depot, The Redstone

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