In Retrospect

Dear Editor,
Thank you for including all viewpoints on cannabis and MMC’s in our city.  Letters to the editor are meant to include a variety of ideas.  People read and make up their own minds based on reasoning, bias, or firmly held beliefs. 

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Clarification and an Apology

Friends in and around Lyons,
In the previous issue of The Recorder, it was stated that “ had to believe [ex-Trustee Brian Donnell] wasn’t too sorry he wasn’t the one having to come up with a solution for this mess!”

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Great Work!

Dear Editor,
Thank you for sharing with us the wonderful results of Mrs. Genty’s 3rd grade writing project in the 27 Jan Lyons Recorder. Delightful and awesome; we laughed and cried.  Great work!

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To the Editor:
Ms Rosekrans’ key argument, “How do we ask a board of seven individuals to draft up binding, unambiguous legislation, that satisfies all parties, when in fact, all the state’s legal resources have been unable to do that very thing?” is misleading for two reasons.

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“Live the Lyons Life”


In addressing the medical marijuana issue, we have to ask what possible benefit it brings to Lyons.  What type of lifestyle does Lyons want to promote?  Boulder County is already over-saturated with marijuana dispensaries and they overwhelm our small town. 

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Amtrak Shift to Temporary Station

Effective February 1, all Amtrak passenger operations will be relocated from Denver Union Station to a temporary Amtrak train station at 1800 21st Street (21st and Wewatta) behind Coors Field. This is to accommodate construction as part of the station redevelopment.

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Project of the Year

Project of the Year

The Town of Lyons “Main Street Project” won an award from the American Public Works Association (APWA) Colorado Chapter this past week. The APWA voted the Lyons project an award for “Engineering/Construction Management in a Small Community.” When Administrator Victoria Simonsen, Economic Development and Community Relations Manager Jacque Watson, Town Attorney Tim Cox, and

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Lyons Fork Restaurant Announces Grand Opening

Newly re-named Lyons Fork Restaurant (formerly Cilantro Mary) is holding its grand opening week from Feb. 17 to Feb 26.

“Our old name didn’t reflect our focus or the quality of our food,” said co-owner Wayne Anderson. “So we’ve renamed the place and are putting on some cool events that showcase what we’re all about.” The

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Emotions Run High At MMJ Meeting

by Joseph Lekarczyk

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

Somewhere between 80 to 100 (I stopped counting at 80, while still more looked for seats) people showed up at Town Hall last Wednesday (January 26) to voice their opinions about “regulating or banning”

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