A Class Act All the Way Around

Editor’s Note: A Hotchkiss fan sent this letter to the Lyons Middle/Senior High School athletic director after our Lyons Lions fell to his team in the playoffs on Saturday. The letter is reprinted with the author’s permission, who added that he spoke with many Hotchkiss fans who felt the same way.

My wife is the cheerleader coach at Hotchkiss, so I had the privilege of attending the game last Saturday. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with your staff, football team and members of

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Warm Comfort Food For A Cold Winter’s Day

Even a hot dog needs to find a warm home during the cold winter months. Dave Rodefer, owner and proprietor of “Dave’s Dogs Gone Wild 2” (the 2 is to signify that he has moved indoors) has moved his business from outside in Lyons Village Central, into the kitchen at City Chicks Café. Rodefer will share the facilities with Robin Young and Nancy Liquori. The women will

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285 Down, 1, 715 to Go!

Officials from Boulder County and the Town of Lyons were busy last Saturday afternoon at the Lyons High School football game, signing up area residents for their FREE bus passes. Town

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Got Bud – Opinions?

The Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) met in a workshop Monday evening to discuss their recommendations, to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for zoning

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DOW Studying Lyons Fish

Ben Swiggle and a team of fish biologists from the Colorado Division of Wildlife were in town this week to study the fish population in the St. Vrain River. The team used a shore based electrofishing unit (the fish are shocked and then collected in nets) to determine the population, species, size, density, and biomass of the fish in a dozen different pools along the river.

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Thank you for a Fabulous Season!

Dear Lyon-ites,
We want to thank everyone who made it out to our Farmers Market this past summer and fall. We had a fabulous season with beautiful veggies, eggs, and flowers from the Farmette, Pachamama, Aspen Moon, and Lone Hawk farms. We’ll be back again next year and we’re already looking forward to it, after we lay low a while for the winter!

Thanks again,

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New Classified System

We heard the your complaints. Our classified system was clunky. We've replaced it with a better system that is simpler and prettier than the old one. We hope you like it. Ads from the old system have been migrated to the new one.

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High winds on Monday afternoon broke off a massive portion of this tree, which caused extensive damage to a car parked in the driveway at 310 Fifth Avenue. The falling limb just missed the house, tearing off a small section of the rain gutter.

Photo by Joseph Lekarczyk

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"Catch and Release!"

Last Thursday (October 21), Martin Middledorf spotted this black bear in the river, just east of the intersection of Rtes. 36/66. He estimates that the bruin, which was probably fishing for some trout before its long winter nap, was at least 400 pounds.

Photos by Martin Middledorf

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