Lions Club To Host Annual Golf Tournament

The Lyons Lions Club will host their 17th annual golf tournament on Monday, July 25, at the Lake Valley Country Club off Highway 36 between Lyons and Boulder. This is a great opportunity to support the

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Pedal Pusher’s Protection Plan

by Helen Colella
The Lyons Recorder

It’s a beautiful day and the kids are home from school - a perfect time for a family bike ride. But before you and the kids rush out and start pedaling, there’s another factor other than the weather that you need to consider – safety. And it has to start at an early age because children start cycling when they are very young. Think back…

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Welcome to Tech Talk

Bob: Hi! Welcome to Tech Talk With Bob and Lee.

Lee: Hi! We think we're as entertaining as those guys that talk about cars.

Bob: Except we talk about technology.

Lee: Its harder to make tech funny because so many people are tortured by it.

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BOT passes MMJ Ordiances

by Joseph Lekarczyk

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

It is often said that, “politics makes for strange bedfellows.” And when you have John Burke stating in a public meeting that, “I am embarrassed to admit this, but I agree with Mike Whipp,” and you have Trustees LaVern Johnson and Ed Bruder voting against support for

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To The Community:
On April 11, the Parks and Recreation Commission recommended to the Town Board of Trustees to further develop Bohn Park by upgrading some current facilities and equipment and by adding a new ball field.  I am opposed to that portion of the recommendation relating to the construction of a new ball field and am requesting the BOT not approve it.

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One Slip Backwards Can Kill The Whole Deal

Dear Community,
It takes only one slug, one rotten spot in a pumpkin to kill the entire fruit of the seed planted. From that moment on there is no return to the value placed in planting the seed, its embodied positive energy and promise. Yet the green bean has the ability to become rotten here & there without infecting the rest of the plant. Its isolated attack between two beans can be sliced for remaining parts in a favored recipe, enjoying a garden-to-table meal like no other. You may get the impression this is about food, seeds, gardening.

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A faraway thank you for Lyons

Dear warm-hearted and wonderful people in Colorado,
Thank you so much for sending me such a generous amount of money. It was such a heart warming moment to receive your positive thoughts and action. It has been 47 days since the earthquake and tsunami.  It was really hard for me and all the people around me to

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Do You Foo?

Do You Foo?

The great thing about “urban myths,” (i.e. the bloody hook on the car door handle, alligators in the NYC subway tunnels, etc.) is sometimes there is a grain of truth to the tale which makes you want to “believe.” Or, how about the unannounced show, for the “fortunate few” at a small club by a legendary band, just yearning to get back to their roots. It could happen. In fact it did happen to Gail Gordon and Ken Feldman of Lyons and fifty of your best friends!

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PCDC Wrestles With CEC

by Joseph Lekarczyk

The Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) basically had two things on their agenda Monday night: a public hearing, discussion and recommendation on the Whipp annexation (the Farmette at the bottom of Stone Canyon) and defining the Commercial Eastern Corridor (CEC) zone (which the Whipp property will in all likelihood be a part of).

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