BOT Says “Yes” To Pot; “No” To Cigarettes

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Any time a marijuana ordinance, be it retail or medical, is on the Board of Trustees’ (BOT) agenda as a public hearing one can expect that there might be some “emotional fireworks.” That was certainly the case Monday evening, but the fireworks came from a somewhat unexpected quarter.

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Elizabeth “Betty” (Bowen) Frysig Begley

Elizabeth “Betty” (Bowen) Frysig Begley, 79, of Indianapolis, passed away July 29. She was born January 31, 1935 to the late Lowell Francis and Pauline (Walters) Bowen.

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Why Not Here In Lyons?

With the Town of Lyons, the Housing Replacement Task Force, and Boulder County trying to tackle the replacement housing dilemma for residents who live in the flood-devastated Confluence Area, a recent announcement of a collaborative effort between the county and Louisville makes one

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Interim Floodplain Mapping Available For BoCo Properties

Boulder County has updated the online floodplain map to include the interim floodplain map created by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) after the 2013 Flood. To view a specific property’s location in relation to the interim map, search for the address on the Boulder County

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Community Calendar - August 7, 2014

Come join the Garden Club's "Weed & Feed"
August 7 & 21
On the first and third Thursday meet at the Stone Cup at 6 p.m. and weed for an hour and then go to a local restaurant for dinner.
Please come and bring garden gloves, a bucket for weeds, and a water bottle if you want. This is a great way to meet fellow gardeners, trade plants, and discuss on-going gardening projects around Town. Visit for more information.

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Local Couple Turn To Crowd Funding To Replace Bridge

The Colorado Flood of September 2013 destroyed the private bridge, and only access point, onto the longtime area residents Kris and Diana Sims’ property just outside of Lyons (near the Rock ‘N River and Shelly’s Cottages). To this point, they have made very little progress in obtaining funds

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“Islands Parade” On September 12

On Friday afternoon, September 12, everyone in and around the town of Lyons is invited to participate in the “Islands Parade” as part of the Lyons One Year Strong Anniversary Commemoration. Each island will have the opportunity to create a float and design a flag for its residents to wave.

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Moving Forward Through Rainy Days

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
If you are like a lot of folks along the Front Range, the grey skies and pouring rain last Tuesday and Wednesday might have made you a little jumpy. Feeling anxious is a natural response to a stalled rainstorm after the events of last September.

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Walk to End Alzheimer's

By Linda L. Osmundson

Mention dementia and someone will tell you of a friend or family member who has/had it. Do you know one of the 35.6 million people worldwide who suffer from dementia? I do. A year ago my husband, Bob, was diagnosed with Progressive Aphasia Dementia just one of dementia’s many names. Alzheimer’s is another. Dementia affects memory, the mind’s ability to word process, and reason. Causes include heredity, vascular disease,

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