Colorado Cabbage Great for Fall Dishes

Each month, the Colorado Department of Agriculture features a different commodity to highlight the variety and quality of products grown, raised or processed in the state. This month the recipe features cabbage in the Dutch Oven Sauerkraut recipe.
On average, Colorado produces more than 110 million pounds of cabbage each year. Good quality cabbage should be well-formed, fairly even colored and heavy for its size. Cabbage leaves should be very compact and fairly smooth. Cabbage is fat

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2014 Halloween Events

“Meet the Spirits” and see Boulder’s history come to life at Columbia Cemetery this weekend
The City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department and Historic Boulder is kicking off its Halloween season by bringing more than 30 of Boulder’s dearly departed, including Eben G. Fine, Mary Rippon, and James P. Maxwell, back to life. This year, “Meet the Spirits” will host a new “Cemetery Symbolism Scavenger Hunt” for children including prizes, and celebrate its tradition with

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Library GOTV Effort Underway

If you see canvassers walking around Lyons streets this weekend with handouts, it may not be religious literature or get-rich-quick schemes. It’s more likely to be volunteers trying to “Get Out The Vote” for

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Replacement Housing Workshop Well Attended

The Town of Lyons Board of Trustees (BOT) held a workshop on the thorny issue of replacement housing Monday night. Knowing that there is a lot of, shall we say, “interest” in this particular subject, the powers

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Citizen Group Looks For Say In Use Of Parks For Housing

A group of concerned Lyons residents has recently formed a group that is seeking a public vote on the possible use of the town’s parks and open space for replacement housing. The Save Our Parks and Open

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No More Chipping

Kyle Miller, Public Works Supervisor for The Town of Lyons wants the residents to be aware that the Town lost its wood chipper and many other pieces of equipment and supplies when during the floodwaters of September 2013 washed away much of the Public Works storage building across from Bohn Park. At this

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Vote No on 4C

Dear Editor,
In the December 21, 2013 issue of “The Economist” there is an article entitled: “Temples of delight.”  It begins, “Museums used to stand for something old, dusty, boring and barely relevant to real life.  Those

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Thank You Mark Trembath

Dear Editor,
Members of the Lyons Ecology Board wish to thank Mark Trembath for his generous donation of twenty trees to the Town of Lyons. These large, healthy trees were planted by volunteers on Saturday,

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Times Have Changed

Dear Editor and Lyons folks:
A “NO” to the library tax, is a “YES” to preserving our Lyons culture.

Times have changed since I moved to the Lyons area forty-three years ago. It was a dusty drive through with a main street lined with carpet shops. I marvel at what we have become since the days when even a

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