“Green Dot” Phone Scams!

The Boulder police department has received numerous complaints from people regarding money card scams, which are also known as “Green Dot” scams. Green Dot cards are reloadable debit cards, which can be purchased in many places such as drug stores, grocery

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How They Do It: Allenspark Neighbors Emergency Network (Part 1)

By Emily Gubler

In 2010, as the Fourmile Canyon fire was burning, there was a fire in Meeker Park. That fire started Allenspark area residents thinking about their ability to communicate during an emergency and led to the formation of ANEN, the Allenspark Neighbors Emergency Network. In the first part of this two-part article, I talked with Steve and Barb Coles about the structure of ANEN and its role in the flood. I began by

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Travel Destination, Dreams and Diversions

I dreamed of visiting many places after graduation, the Rocky Mountain’s tree line, twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Great Salt Lake, Arizona’s desert, and both oceans to name a few.

Now, I’ve seen them all and more. Tears filled my eyes at my first glimpse of the mountains when I neared Denver. I’d never seen anything so close to Heaven. On our first trip to my Minnesotan husband’s hometown, he laughed when I asked if a huge lake were manmade like

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Lyons Housing Collaborative

Nearly one hundred interested residents filled Rogers Hall last Saturday morning for the Lyons Housing Collaborative workshop. On hand were the Trestle Strategy Group, Boulder County Housing, Habitat for Humanity, local architects, contractors, and landscapers, planning students from CU-Denver, the Mayor, and nearly every member of the Board of Trustees.

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Jobs With Youth Corp Now Available

Boulder County residents ages fourteen to seventeen can now apply for summer jobs with the Boulder County Youth Corps. Boulder County is also hiring adults to be team leaders. Boulder County is especially in need of female Corps members and leaders. The deadline to submit youth applications is Friday, March 27. Other positions are open until filled.

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LCF 2015 College Scholarships Available

Chinese Proverb – “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

The Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) is pleased to announce seven college scholarships available to graduating high school students from the greater Lyons area. Applications are available online at www.lyonscf.org, under the “Receive” tab or from the front office of Lyons

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MESA; It’s Rocket Science!

MESA, it means Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement, and it is an after school program at Lyons Middle/Senior High School. Science and Tech teacher Sam Holloway is the advisor for the school’s MESA program, and he and a couple dozen of his students brought the projects they have been working on for the first couple of semesters to the school’s baseball field Saturday morning to test the results of their labor.


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Follow-up, the Future and Financial Aid

February is the lull month between the frenzy of applying for school and financial aid and the anticipation of award letters and the decision. Take this opportunity to follow up on all you have accomplished, catch up on all that you haven’t, and prepare yourself for what is to come.

Follow up:
If you have already applied for post secondary education, scholarships and completed the FAFSA, follow up with schools to ensure they have transcripts and all application material. Some schools require your mid-year transcript. You may have requested ACT/SAT scores be

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Lady Lions Drop A Heartbreaker

The Lady Lions basketball team traveled to Louisville to square off against Dawson, a team they beat by two points last year. Both teams sported a three and ten record going into the game. Lyons was looking for an opportunity to break their losing streak, and battled to the end.
The Lady Lions play their best ball in the second half of games, scoring more points against their opponents in almost every game they

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