Town Hires Two CSOs

Town of Lyons Community Relations Manager Jacque Watson was strolling around town last Thursday (June 30) introducing the Town’s new part-time employees to local merchants and business owners. Ed Giery and Tom Martinez will be sharing the duties of the new Community Service Officer. They will be alternating weekends over the summer, and patrolling Main Street as well as Bohn and Meadow Parks to ensure

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Promoting businesses in Lyons?

Letter to Editor,
The Town of Lyons and its residents need sales tax revenue to survive. And yet, this 4th of July, the Visitor Center was closed.  Also, the daily hours are limited to 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Who is to blame for this? The two groups who, in other towns, need and promote local tourism.

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World Record For Lyons!

World Record For Lyons!

When renowned local Etch-A-Sketch artist, Jeff Gagliardi, and Lyons promoter extraordinaire, Clark Hodge, came up with the idea for “Sketch-A-Palooza” (an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the number of people simultaneously sketching with an Etch-A-Sketch) they thought “a hundred or so people would be a good number.” Officials at

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Lyons Lions Celebrate 65th Anniversary at 17th Annual Golf Tournament

The Lyons Lions Club will celebrate 65 years in Lyons at their at their 17th annual charity golf tournament on Monday July 25, at the beautiful Lake Valley Golf Club located between Lyons and Boulder just off Highway 36.

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We did it!

To the Lyons Community,
We did it!  We got sketchy.  We set a World Record for “Largest Mass of People Ever Etch-A-Sketching the Same Subject”.  It’ll be a few weeks before we get the official word

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What is Good Old Days?

Dear Editor:
A reporter from the Daily Camera was in town this past weekend and asked me what is Good Old Days? It made me think that with all of the emphasis on events and bringing visitors to Lyons, this event at its heart is about celebrating this small town. And what a celebration it was this year. I never thought that in a single day in Lyons there would

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A grateful thank you

Dear Lyons Community,

On behalf of the Lyons Clarifier Project, Priscilla Cohan and I would like to thank Trustee Ed Bruder for arranging, and Parks and Rec. director, Dave Cosgrove, for the mowing and clearing around the Clarifier work area. It was too big a job for our hand held scythe to clear the space we need to work all summer. Really appreciated; we know how busy you

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International Flavor At River Run

International Flavor At River Run

Kenyan Japheth Ng’ojoy and Nuta Olaru of Romania took first place honors in the men’s and women’s (respectively) 2011 Lyons 5K River Run on Sunday. Ng’ojoy, who trains in

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“Y” bus route

Fellow Citizens of Lyons,
Three incidents on the “Y” bus route connecting Lyons to Boulder compelled me to take action. All incidents occurred on the “Y” carrying riders either to Boulder from Lyons or

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