Keeping Lyons Fit!

After the Injury

By Mary Chase

It’s that time of year. Every time I turn around lately ,someone has a new skiing injury to report or a fall on the ice. I myself write to you this week one handed, the other arm in an immobilizer as a result of a recent biking accident. So, once the injury has happened, now what?

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Brian Charles Stiff

Brian Charles Stiff



Brian Charles Stiff, 41, died unexpectedly of heart failure on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012 at his home in Lyons.

A greeting and visiting time will be held from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Sat., February 18, followed by a Celebration of Brian’s Life at 10 a.m., at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2200 Broadway, Boulder, CO. A reception will follow at the church. A private family burial will be held at the Lyons Cemetery.




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Rising Need For Food Assistance

By Eve Hersh

With grocery bags in hand, people gather around the Lyons Community Church on Wednesday afternoons, waiting to get their free groceries. These Lyons locals are some of the many Boulder County residents who often face the hard decision of choosing between heating their homes and feeding their families. Unfortunately, support for these people in the form of donations to food pantries seems to be dwindling, and the Lyons Community Food Pantry has felt the slump.

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Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundon

Northern Colorado Theatres Provide Great Entertainment

Northern Colorado offers a wealth of performance venues and programs for every age and preference, from symphonies to plays, and comedies to operas.

The Longmont Theatre Company presents “The Man Who Came to Dinner,” March 16-18, 23-26, 29-31. The play, which debuted in 1939, tells the story of an obnoxious radio personality who accepts a dinner invitation

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What Happens if Your Social Security or Pension Benefits Are Cut?

By Doug Carey

Last November American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection. Many of American’s employees are in a defined-benefit pension plan, which means American Airlines promised them a certain amount of money each year in retirement, regardless of what the markets do. But promises such as this are fleeting, as can be seen by the infighting going on now between employees of the airline and executives.

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Ask the Handy Woman!

By Kheli Mason

Here’s an interesting word for the day: egress. It is a strange sounding word that carries a lot of importance when it comes to the health and safety of those of us who spend any time within the walls of dwellings and commercial structures. Simply put, it means to go out, to exit, or a path or opening for going out, an exit. It is important to be able to get into a building, yes. But it is even more important, once you are in there, to be

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BOT Okays Lower Water Rates

by Joseph Lekarczyk

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.
Call me jaded, or just call me a cynic, but how timely that the Lyons Board of Trustees passed an ordinance calling for an across the board $8 reduction on residents’ water bills a mere two months before an

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“Lyons Bonus Bucks” Contributors

All Lyons residents who receive utility bills should be getting their “Lyons Bonus Bucks” in the next few days. Remember to spend them locally, and keep track of where you spend them, and where you get them as change. On Facebook at, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You don’t need a Facebook account to participate. It’s fun and easy.

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Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Loveland Museum/Gallery Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The Loveland Museum/Gallery, on the corner of 5th and Lincoln Streets, this year celebrates its 75th Anniversary with special exhibits like the current “Portraits of the Prairie, Nebraska Landscapes that Inspired Willa Cather.” The show runs through April 15, and features watercolors, watercolor/pastels, scratchboard, and pen and ink works by former dentist turned artist, Richard Schilling, whose works have appeared in the Governor’s Invitational Art Show. Oftentimes, he wanders around the gallery and welcomes questions or comments.


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