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Town Officials Approve Five Story Building On Fourth & Main!

Town Officials Approve Five Story Building On Fourth & Main!

Without the standard opportunity for a public hearing, officials from the Town of Lyons have given the green light to the construction of a five-story building, which will be situated at the intersection of

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To All Concerned Members of The Lyons Community

Re: Character of Lyons, and Zoning in Eastern Corridor

I have lived just outside of the Lyons Town Limits for almost 36 years. During this time I have been employed in the Town, attended Church in the Town, volunteered in the Town, and two of my children

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I Was Surprised

Dear Principal Keppler,
I was surprised to see in next year’s teacher assignments that Doug Stahl has been moved to 3rd grade and that you are hiring a new 5th grade teacher.  It seems to me that you should be hiring a new 3rd grade teacher instead.  This move is not for the betterment of our school, nor does it benefit our students.

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Riparian Habitat Restoration Project In Lyons

Jon Dauzvardi and Grant Gurnee, Restoration Ecologists, and managers of Ecosystem Services (known as EcoS) out of Erie, were in Lyons last week with a crew planting native trees, shrubs, vegetation,

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Transition Movement Update

For the entire Transition Movement, worldwide, the large defining question remains the same, for the large cities as well as the few small towns involved. “For all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly increase resilience (to mitigate the effects of peak oil) and drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of climate

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CAMS Cable Brings Family Run Media To Lyons

When Cameron Stone decided to purchase a handful of cable and internet branches from Champion Broadband, he knew that changes needed to be made: the Internet speeds were slow, television channels were unreliable and outdated, and customers didn’t get the attention they deserved. There was a lot of room for some fresh new ideas, and that is exactly what Cameron, better know as “Cam,” has brought to Lyons.

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A Crazy Thought

Dear Editor:

One crazy thought that might not be so nuts.  I don’t know what kind of acreage is available for development in our eastern corridor, but Naropa University is looking for land in Boulder County to build a campus.  Lyons would be the perfect location.  Our outstanding music, art, and recreation provide the perfect small town for a small university.

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Local Plant Recognized For Multiple Awards

Steve Goodrich, plant manager for the CEMEX operation just east of Lyons, is pleased and proud to announce that the cement manufacturing plant was recently recognized by three organizations for its commitment to environmental excellence, and for promoting a sustainable environment. Through the introduction of multi-level operational changes initiated five years ago, the CEMEX Lyons plant has not only achieved consistent, full environmental compliance, but has also further enhanced its sustainability efforts and reduced its environmental impact.

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PCDC Displeased With Presentation

While the Board of Trustees (BOT) were “workshopping” in council chambers, trying to come up with a strategy for “playing nice” with Boulder County concerning the current Inter-local Governmental Agreement (IGA) and a proposed extension of the Super IGA (an agreement between Boulder County and all the municipalities within the County, i.e. Boulder, Longmont, Lyons, Nederland, et al), next door

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