80540 Life And Learning

By Robin Ferruggia
80540 Life and Learning, a Facebook group, will be offering classes and discussion groups at no charge to Lyons area residents at the Lyons Depot Library.
The group, initially known as Lyons/Pinewood Springs SeniorConnect, was started by Anne Berman and Robin Ferruggia to assist area seniors who needed help like plowing driveways in winter, pet-sitting, minor home repairs, and such, to connect with neighbors willing to lend a helping hand.

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Thank You Coach Johnson

Dear Lyons Community,
We had a great day on Saturday. Doug Johnson (Lyons High School graduate), the head coach of Longmont High School’s football team (and son of John “Jet” Johnson our legendary Lyons football coach and the namesake of our football field), organized over one hundred kids and coaches last Saturday and

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New Displays At Museum

By LaVern Johnson
Monique Sawyer-Lang, museum employee, is challenged with cataloguing many items recently donated to the Lyons Redstone Museum, including a large collection of Lyons High School yearbooks, which start in 1945 and go yearly through the present (2015), with two years missing (1984 and 1996), plus one by Mary Eatwell teacher in 1927.

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Whisky Release Party at Spirit Hound

As they would say in Scotland, “just a wee bit longer to go laddie!” (But according to Master Distiller and Co-Founder of Spirit Hound Distillery Craig Engelhorn, “although this spirit has a slight taste of smoke, this is whisky, not scotch.”) After years in the making (and barrel-aging) Spirit Hound Distillery is

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Consumer Code And You

Tech Talk with Bob & Lee

Bob: Today, we’re going to talk about the “Consumer Code for Wireless Service” and “Mobile Virtual Network Operators,” CCWS and MVNO for short. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 
Lee: Tech guys sometimes lack showmanship. Is it your intention that no one read this column? Let’s re-title this “Want to pay less for cell phone service?” 

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Vicarious Travel Via Books

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

I’m a “read-aholic.” I read for pleasure, research, and travel. I glean book suggestions from book clubs, friends’ recommendations, back covers, awards, and places like BookBub where you can order free books for your Kindle. Bestseller lists seldom meet my expectations. I also tend to read all the books by an author I admire. So, how does this apply to travel?

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Trustees Get Scolded

The Board of Trustees (BOT) received a financial update from Town of Lyons Finance Director Tony Cavaleri at a pre-meeting workshop Monday night. They got the low down on sales tax revenues year-to-date, general and enterprise (utilities) fund balances, FEMA, DOLA, and CDBG-DR grants and monies, etc.

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About Town with LaVern Johnson - August 6, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. The opinions are hers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

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Lyons Well Represented At Softball Championship

By Bob Gilson
In the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 14, three caravans departed Colorado. Similar caravans, twenty-two in all, rolled out Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. These caravans carried the players, coaches, and fans of the best softball teams in the region to the USSSA National Championship Tournament in Joplin, Missouri.

Colorado was represented by: Azteca, of Pueblo coached by Ken Ramos; Blaze Fury of Berthoud coached by Sean Lynch; and the Colorado Outlaws coached by Chris Hunnel. Lyons was represented by Abby Liquori, a pitcher and outfielder for the Blaze, and Kate Gilson, a pitcher, first baseman, and outfielder for the Outlaws. 

Pool play on Wednesday and Thursday culminated with the Colorado teams well seeded; the Outlaws ranked ninth, the Blaze sixth, and Azteca first. By virtue of making the top ten, all three Colorado teams were awarded a bye into the second round of elimination play, while the lower twelve teams slugged it out. Azteca and Outlaws met in “winners' bracket” play, with Azteca being victorious. Blaze battled the Elite Heat in “winners' bracket” play, with Elite Heat coming out on top.

Azteca and Elite Heat tangled in “winners' bracket” play, with Azteca showing why it they were ranked number one. This left Azteca one win from the championship, and relaxing at the hotel pool while everyone else attempted to battle their way through the “losers' bracket” with the knowledge that their next loss would end their season.

The Outlaws took the long path through the “losers' bracket,” winning three games in a single day, including a nail biter in extra innings. Their extra innings win set up a showdown with the Blaze. The two teams have faced each other many times in earlier tournaments, and their pre-game warm-ups included knowing glances.

On this day, the Outlaws’ offense proved to be too much for the Blaze to contain.  Emerging from the other half of the “loser’s backer” was the Liberty Venom. The Venom went on an incredible roll, where they eliminated the Outlaws, Elite Heat, and eventually, the highly touted Azteca to claim the championship. So the much anticipated showdown between the Colorado teams came up just short, but all three still made a lasting mark on the tournament: 1) MO - Liberty Venom, 2) CO - Pueblo Azteca, 3) MO - Elite Heat, 4) CO – Outlaws, 5) OK - Young Guns, 6) CO – Blaze.
Three Colorado teams in the top six! Congratulations! You represented Colorado well! 

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