Estes Duck Adoptions Underway

Looking for a way to greet the month of May in the mountains?  Nothing says spring like the Estes Park Duck Race, an event that welcomes visitors from across the county to cheer 6,000 rubber ducks as they float down the Fall River to the finish line in downtown Estes Park. But, the annual Duck Race is more than a spring festival: it raises money for 61 Estes Valley charities and groups.

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Prescription Drug Drop Off Suspended

Due to the overwhelming costs associated with drug disposal, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has suspended its prescription drop off services.

The Sheriff’s Office started the drug take back program in conjunction with the DEA’s program in 2005. They have offered the drug take back service since that time, as DEA also offered a facility to dispose of surrendered drugs. Since the DEA conducted its final drug take back in September of 2014, there is no longer access to a disposal site, nor funding

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Reduce Dangers Of Unused Medications

Longmont United Hospital announced today that in an effort to help reduce the dangers associated with unused medications, the Hospital, in conjunction with the City of Longmont Water Department and local law enforcement agencies, is hosting an Annual Medication Take-Back event. This free event gives people an opportunity to safely dispose of any unwanted and expired medications including any pet medication and unknown tablets or capsules.

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Seed Success!

By Garima Fairfax
The Ecology Board is pleased with the success of its recent community movie “Open Sesame – The Story Of Seeds.” Approximately forty interested residents showed up for the documentary shown at the Lyons Farmette last Friday evening. Steve Simms, Chairman of the Ecology Board

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Canine Classic 5K Run/ Walk

The annual Canine Classic (a 5K Run/Walk held on Sunday, April 26, at 9 a.m., beginning at the Boulder Reservoir) is great fun for participants of all ages, featuring live music from local band Last Men On Earth, an Avery Brewing beer garden, great food, and vendors. All the

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Foul Warning For Fowl Owners

The Colorado State University Extension Program has received the following information from the State Veterinarian’s Office. As stated below, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) has not been found in Colorado, however, they do want poultry owners to be more careful with

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Depot Shrubs To Get “Haircut”

Lyons volunteers will soon address the over-grown juniper shrubs bordering the Depot Library grounds. It has been far too long a time without corrective pruning, which has let the vegetation grow wild.

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IRS Identity Verification Service

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers who receive requests from the IRS to verify their identities that the Identity Verification Service website,, offers the fastest, easiest way to complete the task.

Taxpayers may receive a letter when the IRS stops suspicious tax returns that have indications of being identity theft but contains a real taxpayer’s name and/or Social Security number. Only those taxpayers receiving Letter 5071C should access The website will ask a series of questions that only the real taxpayer can answer. Once the

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Track and Field Intra-Squad Scrimmage

By Renée Haip
On Saturday, March 21, Lyons Track and Field participated in a spirited intra-squad scrimmage at the high school that produced some fine performances. Divided into two mixed teams of boys and girls, the “white team” was led by seniors Ryan Smith, Jenna Anderson, Brett Curry, Savannah Drotar, and Faith Myers. The “blue team” was led by seniors

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