Eco Pass Study Results

After more than six months of work, Boulder County and the City of Boulder are excited to release the results of the Community-wide Eco Pass Feasibility Study (Lyons is one of the communities that enjoys such a pass). The study is available for review at and Study Result FAQs are available at

For decades the city and county have used Eco Pass programs to reduce vehicle trips and increase personal mobility in the community. Recently, several community-based Eco Pass programs have been successful at increasing the number of residents that have an Eco Pass.

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About Town - March 13, 2014

Another week gone by; a spring snow came last Thursday night and it is now rain and snow this week. It is getting very scary how much snow is in the high country; with hopes that it stays cool this spring and it comes down gradually. Everyone is very skittish and concerned.

You can vote in the Town election if you still have your Lyons address or P.O. Box. You should get your ballot by mail in a couple of weeks.  If not, contact Debbie Anthony at the Town Hall.

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Next Steps For Lyons Replacement Housing

By Amy Reinholds
The Replacement Housing Options meeting last Saturday at Rogers Hall had a very good turnout, and public input is being compiled. If you missed the meeting, materials will be available at the Housing Recovery Task Force (HRTF) web page at

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Tie a Yellow Ribbon Lyons

Dear Lyons Community,
If you happen to notice yellow ribbons about the town of Lyons, they stand for remembrance of those who have yet to return to their homes here in town.  You might see them tied to the entrance to Riverbend and Foothills mobile home

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Link to get Up-to-date Snowpack Info

With the upcoming concerns regarding spring runoff, people have been inquiring where to get up-to-date snowpack data.  This link will take you directly to the Natural Resources Conservation Service Natural Resources Conservation Services Snotel (automated snow survey sites) daily data.

When accessing the link scroll to the South Platte River Basin.

Boy Track Team Aims To “Four-peat”

By Renée Haip
In 2013, the Lyons Track and Field teams, boys and girls, aimed for their third consecutive state titles. The boys crushed their competition and claimed the state title by winning a full half of the eighteen events and scoring a whopping 142.5 points (more than double next place finisher

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Good News, Bad News, Good News

Officials from Boulder County and the Boulder County of Office of Emergency Management held a meeting at LifeBridge Church in Longmont Monday night (March 10) to update residents on the potential threat posed by the spring snowmelt, and to advise them how to prepare and mitigate for the threat of reflooding. Boulder County Flood Recovery Manager Gary Sanfacon and Mike Chard of the Boulder County Office of

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Lyons Thanks The Big Easy

Last year Lyons Economic Development Commission (EDC) Chair John O’Brien wrote a grant proposal to the FDA to set up a Lyons Revolving Loan Fund to help local businesses expand their operations and thus create more local jobs, an increase in sales tax revenues, and a stronger more vibrant local economy. The grant proposal was approved, and the Lyons Revolving Loan Fund received approximately $50,000 of “seed” money.

The Lyons Dairy Bar, owned and operated by Kenyon and Juli Waugh, was the first business to apply for and receive a business loan from the Lyons Revolving Loan program (right around the time of the flood). Due to the evacuation of the town and the almost total shutdown of the

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The Candidates Are Set

 The Candidates Are Set

When the deadline for turning in packets/petitions of intent to run for office (Mayor and Trustee) in April’s municipal election passed last Friday, February 28, a total of ten people had signed up to run for the position of Trustee, and one person had opted to run for Mayor. So, unless someone mounts a spirited write-in effort (the deadline for filing the necessary paperwork to do so is Friday, March 7), it looks like John O’Brien will be taking

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