Unlikely Road Win For Lyons

By Katie Johjak

The Lady Lions (3-9) broke a five game losing streak with an unlikely non-conference road win last week.   They put everything on the line in a game that had the Dawson Mustangs (8-3) predicted to handily beat the Lions.  It was a team effort that had everyone contributing to the point total, and working

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What’s New In Lyons?

Starting on the west side of town as you head up to Estes Park, Main Street Auto & Tire is under new ownership and management. Longtime Lyons resident Art Dudley has taken over running the garage (505 Main Street across from the entrance to Planet Bluegrass). Selling

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Electric Rates are Going Up

By Joseph Lekarczyk
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

Correction: In the Board of Trustees article of two weeks ago (January 9), I inadvertently left out the word “not” when reporting that Trustee Dan Greenberg expressed concern about the impact a contemplated electric base rate user fee increase would have on users who were currently in their homes. The sentence should have read, “not currently in their homes.” I apologize to Trustee Greenberg and our readers for any confusion and misunderstanding this caused. Joseph Lekarczyk, Editor – The Lyons Recorder

Considering there was a public hearing on a purposed electric base rate increase on the agenda, there wasn’t much of a crowd at Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting.

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To the Editor, Lyons Recorder:
As all who care about the Town of Lyons work towards post-flood restoration, I hear certain assumptions repeated. Some of these are myths and not reality. The sooner we discard

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We Need to Maintain Our Path

Dear Lyons Community,
I moved to Lyons thirty years ago, to be part of seeing if we could build a community where we could have a community that balanced the quality of life, and economic prosperity, with a stewardship of the environment. Knowing that this would best be accomplished by a

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A Hope for Affordable Housing

Dear Community,
While attending a Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force meeting, which was considering housing possibilities for the people who lost their homes during our flood, I had a flash back.  The flash back was of a court decision made during my youth in New Jersey. 

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About Town - January 23, 2014

Another week gone by, and, our team, the BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! Most everyone is a fan of the Broncos, and are wishing them luck to win the Super Bowl. We will all be watching and wearing our orange. The only ones I know that have

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LCF Moves On Toward Normalcy

By C. Chrystal DeCoster
The number of Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) academic scholarships has recently increased thanks to a huge outpouring of generosity, vision, and volunteer efforts. There are now four opportunities: two $1,000 Steve Ralston memorial awards; one $500 honorarium for Lyons’ alum Joel Mack; and the evolving Gerald Boland’s namesake

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One Hundred Years Young

Former Lyons resident, and Lyons High School teacher, Elizabeth Ford Boss, will celebrate her 100th birthday, on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Born in Carr, Colorado, Elizabeth grew up in Greeley, and graduated from College High School in 1931, and earned a BA degree in business and education from the University of Northern Colorado in 1935.  She taught business subjects in Kanorado High School from 1935 through 1938. Elizabeth moved to Longmont in 1939, and then to

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