New Owners At Red Canyon Art

On St. Patrick’s Day, Lyons residents Connie and Keith McGuire officially took over ownership of the Red Canyon Art Company from founding members of the enterprise Mary (Ward) Johnson and Judy McDonald.

The art emporium, conceived in 1989 as an art co-operative for local artists, was started by Johnson, McDonald, Kim

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Poetry Corner - March 27, 2014

In My Backyard

By Emilyn Inglis

I tell you what nobody wants in their backyard--
a natural disaster, that’s what.
Not in my backyard
Not in my town
Not in my most precious peaceful places,
green and rippling and heavenly.

I like to believe that when the leaves bud and blossom
the millions of scattered river rounded rocks
will roll back to their homes,
where they belong.
Maybe that’s what those rocks wish, too--
to return to the places they knew best,
where the water made its old familiar sound.

It’s not just rocks who’ve lost their homes.
Even those of us lucky enough to have returned
Find it irreconcilably different.
I feel an open wound, wanting so badly to
get everything back to normal and erase the damage.
How much more must those people
Unceremoniously peeled from their homes half a year go,
Wish to return to a taste of normalcy.

We can’t erase the flood.
We didn’t ask for change, but we got it.
It’s here.
I’ll tell you what I DO want in my backyard:
The peace of mind and heart that come from interdependence.
Helping people return home.
And knowing that when I’m down,
a whole town full of people won’t let me stay down.
YES in my backyard.

Insuring our Health to Ensure our Health

Holistic Family Healthcare

By Dr. Sara Hart
It’s 2014, and unless you live in Oregon, Washington or Vermont, your insurance-based healthcare is not going to keep you well.

As much as I cringe at the analogy of our bodies being like cars, people inevitably think of themselves that way all the time. The squeaky wheel gets ignored until it’s a screaming or debilitating pain.

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The Importance Of Strength Training

Keeping Lyons Fit!

By Mary Chase
This time of year I often hear the phrase, “I just want to get outside to workout. The gym is a winter activity for me.” I cannot tell you how much I love to run in the warm spring sun; however, there is another important factor to remember.

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40th Annual Lyons Relays

By Renée Haip
On Thursday, March 13, Lyons hosted Broomfield, Erie, Longmont, Skyline, and Strasburg for a fun evening of relay style competition. Highlights included Taylor Christiansen besting all the other girls with a 14’5” long jump, and fellow freshman Liz Jonjak-Plahn throwing the shot

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Traveling In Luxury Part VI - Guaymas

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundso

Sometime during the night, the waters calmed. Before retiring, Bob claimed he had no interest in seeing Guaymas. We’ve traveled in Mexico before so we made this trip mainly for the Dixieland Jazz music. My goal for this port was to find an Internet Café. The ship’s Internet was way too slow and expensive. I again dressed in the dark, had breakfast in the Lido, and

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HRTF Presentation To The Board of Trustees

By Amy Reinholds
The Housing Recovery Task Force (HRTF) presented updates to the Lyons Board of Trustees at a workshop on March 17. The Board of Trustees directed the task force to focus now on recovery option 2: replacement housing minus households not returning (approximately 35-50 homes) and option 3: replacement housing equal to housing lost in the flood (a maximum of approximately 90-100 homes). The Board encouraged the Task Force to make sure to include the

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Adopt a Tree Project News Update

By Ron Gosnell
The organizational meeting for the Lyons Lions Club’s “Adopt a Tree” flood recovery project (the tree planting will take place April 26) is off and running to a great start, thanks to enthusiastic and caring Lyons citizens.

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Give Yourself A Break!

Managing Stress:  Part 3 of 3

By Dr. Sara Hart
It is probably true that if you take any given person and send them to a tropical island removing all of their responsibilities they will probably feel great. Stress is a major contributing factor to illness and unhappiness. It is the single most consistent factor that decreases lifespan and contributes to premature death and disease.

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