Changes To Parking In Boulder Civic Area

The City of Boulder today announced an enhanced parking program in the Civic Area, which will take effect for the public on January 15, 2016. The goal is to balance an improved Civic Area design with better access to the Boulder Public Library and other municipal buildings for both community members and city employees.

The parking changes will result in the removal of some spaces designated for either the public or city employees only, but make all remaining spaces shared and available to

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Welcome to Chhulemu

Editor’s note: Don Moore and several other Lyons area residents are currently in Nepal helping to rebuild the small Sherpa village of Chhulemu, which was devastated by a massive earthquake earlier this year. He will be sending posts and photographs of the endeavor, which will be published in the Lyons Recorder.

“Construction projects in the U.S. are fraught with unforeseen complications and delays. We’ll be building in a third world country. Be flexible and patient.” That’s what I told my trekkers a few days before fourteen of them flew to Nepal with me to help rebuild Chhulemu, a tiny Sherpa village, ravaged by last spring’s earthquakes. Our project is to rebuild eight of the thirty homes in the village, so badly damaged they are unsafe to inhabit. The homeowners have been living in temporary shelters, suffering the summer

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Lady Lions Advance To State Tournament

By Wendy Stevelinck

The Lyons High School Lady Lions’ volleyball team made the long trek (almost to Kansas) to Yuma last Friday for Regionals. The host Yuma squad, putting aside the “gracious host” label, defeated the Wiggins Tigers in the first match of the day with an easy straight-set win.

The Lady Lions were poised and ready to give Tigers their ticket home, and handed Wiggins their second loss of the tourney. The Lions controlled the match from the outset, and ended Wiggins run to the state tournament with a three-set victory (25 to 12, 25 to 18, and 25 to 14). The dominating Lions never used a time out during the match.

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About Town - November 12, 2015

A busy week, and a dab of snow. We had to get our winter coats etc., out of storage this past week with that cold rain and snow. However the turn of cold weather is later than usual, but it appears winter is finally here.

A day to bow our heads in thanks to all area and worldwide veterans who have fought and sacrificed for America’s freedom. Through the wars we lost Jack Kelly, Aldro Stedman, Robert Hammans, Mickey Hawkins, and Barry Thomas. A sacrifice of their lives for us at home, so we can enjoy peace and quiet, and continue to fight the battles

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Local Artist Has Show

If you missed last weekend’s opening night tapas potluck for the art show, “Hope and Harvest” at Town Hall fear not, it will be hanging in the council chambers through the remainder of 2015.

However, if you happen to be in the Netherlands between now and the end of November and you want to catch an art show featuring the artwork of a Lyons artist, you are

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Lady Lions Advance To Regionals!

By Wendy Stevelinck
The Lyons High School Lady Lions volley ball team faced the Dawson Mustangs in the qualifying round of districts at home last week (Tuesday, October 27). Although the Lions captured the win in three straight games, the squad was not happy with their performance. They felt they were lacking in intensity and enthusiasm, which contributed to many unforced errors. The Lions will need to clean it up before the district tournament.     

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Dedication, Determination, & Passion - A Soccer Story

By Monica Berreman
Lyons Middle-Senior High School has a football team, a volleyball team, and a track team, but if your son or daughter wants to play soccer as a Lyons Lion, they are out of luck. Their only option, outside of club, is to play for another St. Vrain Valley School. In the case of five Lyons High School boys, they chose to align themselves with the Silver Creek High School Raptors as early as their

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Seasonal Bald Eagle Closures

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department has instituted seasonal closures beginning Sunday, November 1, to safeguard bald eagles as they begin to nest in sensitive wildlife habitats. OSMP will institute seasonal bald eagle closures for the following areas: The Kolb, Weiser and ERTL properties east of 75th Street and north of Valmont Road; and The Coal Creek area east of Highway 93 and south of Marshall Lake.

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Brick & Mortar On Main

  Cara Martin (right) celebrated the grand opening of her studio/shop Brick & Mortar at 419 Main Street (next to the Barking Dog Café) with her friends, family, and customers last Friday, October 30. Martin has been busy in her Brick Knitwear studio (behind the shop) for the last three months creating handmade cashmere and merino wool products (hats, headbands, neck gaiters, etc.) and

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