Making The Decision

By Joanne Barnard
It’s decision time for seniors. The school year is winding down and schools want confirmation of your choice. Making any decision is tricky and deciding what you are going to do after high school may seem

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Roberts Breaks School Record

By Renée Haip

Lyons High School runner Paul Roberts finally achieved the goal he’s been chasing since he first stepped on the track as a freshman; he broke his older brother Andrew’s 2009 high school 3200-meter record at the Longmont Invitational track meet on Saturday, March 29. Although the younger Roberts’ time of 9:27.58 was a mere four one hundredths of a second faster than the school record Andrew set as a senior, Paul is

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Election Results

Editor notes: Edits were made to the votes in bold type, due to the release of the official count on April 3, 2014. Those changes did not change the results of the electon.

The people have spoken. And quite frankly, there were not a lot of surprises. All of the following numbers are as of 10 p.m., Tuesday night (April 1), and are “unofficial.” Town Clerk Deb Anthony indicated that the final official count would be finished by Wednesday afternoon

Beginning with the “race” for the Mayor, John O’Brien, who was running unopposed, won handily garnering

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Celebrate Spring with Tulip Fairy and Her Elves

Join the Tulip Fairy as she and her pint-sized helpers celebrate the tulips that adorn the Pearl Street Mall from 1 t0 5 p.m. This event includes live stage performances, face painting, free activities for children and more! The not-to-be-missed Tulip Fairy Parade will begin at 3:30 pm, leaving from the performance stage in front of the county courthouse.

Visit their website for photos, performance schedule and a list of free activities.

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Become a Crew Leader in Ecological Restoration

Crew Leaders are trained to motivate, guide, and instruct volunteers in effective, safe and enjoyable ecological restoration. Crew leadership is a great way to enhance your stewardship of public lands and build professional leadership skills while

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Counties Still Working To Remove Flood Debris

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and contractor Phillips and Jordan, Inc. have completed the debris removal process along the flooded-impacted highways. Altogether, crews picked up in excess of 120,000 pounds of debris, but the total count has not yet been finalized. Although CDOT has completed its debris removal process,

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Don't Believe Everything You Read

Sara James, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at the University of Colorado-Boulder, will present the free Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) lecture titled “Don¹t Believe Everything You Read: Texts, Archaeology, and the Destruction of the Greek City of Corinth in 146 BC” on Wednesday, April 16, at 7 p.m., in the Paleontology Hall at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.

Generations of scholars have relied heavily on ancient literary accounts of the Roman sacking of the city-state of Corinth in the mid-second century, BC, to interpret archaeological remains in the city. Many Greek and Roman authors paint grim

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USA Pro Challenge Poster Contest

The 2014 USA Pro Challenge will again host a nationwide contest inviting artists to create a national event poster for the fourth annual race that will be seen throughout the world. All types of artists, professional, amateur, aspiring, are encouraged to let their creativity flow and submit their designs via the USA Pro Challenge Facebook page beginning Friday,

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Call For Flood Claims And Case Managers

Edward Kean, who is heading up coordination of many of the town’s flood-recovery projects, is now looking for a different kind of volunteers: Lyons homeowners who believe the flood insurance settlement they’ve been offered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is insufficient.

Some people whose NFIP-insured homes were severely damaged believe the settlement number they received is both lower than the policy’s coverage level and significantly below the cost of repairs. To help folks in this situation, Kean is in

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