Oskars Says, “ShowUsYurCans!

Craft-CAN beer pioneer Oskar Blues knows a little something about aluminum, so it makes sense that the brewery’s non-profit, The CAN’d Aid Foundation, is launching a national aluminum recycling program.

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Local College Students Recognized

Fort Lewis College (FLC) was named the number two USA Cycling Collegiate Division One team in the nation. In the five disciplines of cycling, FLC placed second in Track, first in Mountain Biking, second in Cyclo-cross, third in BMX, and third in Road. Connor Hodge of Lyons raced with the team for the academic year and

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Preparing For The Next Time Makes You Feel Better, Not Worse

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
Maybe this sounds familiar; you thought you were doing great, but remember that extended downpour right before Memorial Day? Did you wake up, and spend some time, maybe with the lights on, just...listening?

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A Bounty of Leadership Strengths

Nomination Letter for Victoria Simonsen
You have no doubt already heard about the frightening sirens after midnight, the might of the rain and converging St. Vrain Rivers, and the strata of strain befallen upon the people and pocketbooks of Lyons, Colorado.

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Nice Guys Can Finish First

Dear Editor,
Some famous baseball player once said, “Nice guys finish last.” It’s a shame so many people think the same way about politicians, as if only the tough, nasty ones can get their ideas turned into law. We’re fortunate in Longmont to have a number of examples to prove it isn’t true; elected officials who are

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“freedom of association"

Letter to the Editor:
Two weeks ago approximately 64% of “active” registered Colorado voters received primary election ballots. Although I am “active,” I did not receive a ballot.  As one of the 35% of Colorado voters “unaffiliated” with either major official party, all I received was a letter stating that I need to “affiliate” in order to vote.   

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About Town - June 26, 2014

Another week gone by, it is now summer and plenty hot. The river seems to be staying in its banks, and it is now time to celebrate the 38th annual Good Old Days. Thanks to Dave and Marissa, and whoever came forth to get a carnival for our celebration, and to those that organized the Flood Recovery 5K Run, which

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Crayons To Calculators

There are over nine thousand children in the St. Vrain Valley School District on the federal lunch assistance program, a common indicator of family poverty. Many of these children routinely start school without basic school supplies for learning. 

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“A Better Lifestyle At A Lower Cost”

By Don Moore and Carol Devenir
As summer is now upon us, Lyons Real Estate brokers say Lyons is experiencing a booming housing market, with people moving in, out, and within Lyons. “The Town’s Housing Recovery Task Force is looking at different types of housing to meet the needs and desires of different people,” according to Lyons Trustee Dan

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