11th Annual Caniversary Party

By Lyons Bluesologist, David McIntyre

It was 2002 when Dale Katechis had one of his best ideas to date. No it wasn’t moving to Colorado and opening Oskar Blues, or marrying his lovely wife. It was something everybody in the beer industry told him he couldn’t do, and it wouldn’t work; put good craft beer in a can.

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About Town - December 5, 2013

Thanks to the ministries for the Thanksgiving Dinner at Rogers Hall.  It was delicious, well attended, filled with the Thanksgiving spirit.  Yes, Lyons is grateful for the wonderful dinner and those that brought it to us! Thanks for the use of Rogers Hall, and to Pastor Mickey, Rev. John Ross and co-horts for making the arrangements. 

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Planning For A Long Life After Retirement

By Doug Carey

I spend a lot of time helping people understand how much money they will need to meet their retirement goals. Many people rack their brains and do lots of research trying to come up with assumptions for inflation, rates of return on investments, and many

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Life 101: Beyond High School - December 2013

Post-secondary education is paid for by a combination of savings, funds that are awarded, money that is earned along the way and loans. Loans will be addressed in January. Hopefully you already have some savings and plan to continue working, so for this

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Saving For Education

By Joanne Barnard
Paying education costs can be stressful for parents and graduates; estimates are staggering. Yet post secondary education is becoming a necessity to ensure a productive life. Planning for post-secondary education now will alleviate borrowing later.

Newborn to seven years old
Monthly set aside money for college; even one hundred dollars for eighteen years at eight percent, will give you nearly $50, 000.

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Rain Can’t Dampen Lyons Spirit At Nike Race

By Renée Haip
The boys of Lyons Cross Country aimed high this year. Not only did they win both their Regional and State meets with a perfect score, their performance at state was so strong through all five runners that they earned a coveted team spot in the championship race at Nike Cross Southwest Regional in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday, November 23. Given the run seven, score five format at Nike

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Dear Editor,
I fully appreciate your recognition of the people and agencies involved with rescue, safety, and security during the devastation imposed on our wonderful town. Each in their own way were a tremendous asset and all worked well together. Sadly though I am surprised at the lack of recognition

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AmeriCorps Aids In Lyons Post-Flood Recovery

A team of nine AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) members, who arrived mid-November, will be serving in the community of Lyons through December 19 assisting in flood disaster relief efforts. This is one of six AmeriCorps NCCC teams currently working on flood recovery efforts.  Other teams are serving in Boulder, Jamestown, Estes Park, Firestone, and Greeley.

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Every Calorie Counts

Today as I arise I am thankful for so many things in Lyons Colorado.  I am thankful that so many in our beautiful little town will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in the town and home we love.  I think after the flood that will forever change us, but not define us, I am aware of how blessed we truly are in overabundance of family, friends, and community. Ironically

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