Transforming And Understanding Health

Holistic Family Healthcare with Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, LAc

Do you ever feel confused about what your diet should be  or wish to have alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine?  Have you questioned the balance of vitamins and pharmaceuticals in your routine to wonder how what you do today might affect you long-term? 

Information can be extremely confusing about health and it often can feel like every bit of information out there conflicts with something else.  When it comes to navigating our own health choices, it can be

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BUILD! The Amazing World Of Lego

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

A friend said she and her children recently spent four hours at the Longmont Museum’s BUILD! The Amazing World of LEGO exhibit without tiring or getting bored. A fan of the creative toy, from the time our boys were young, I decided to check it out.

I drove to the Longmont Museum at 400 Quail Road. Before I even stepped into the exhibit, I heard happy voices and the shuffling of what I determined must be LEGO bricks. Only a few people

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About Town - August 1, 2013

The town was full of festival-goers over last week through the weekend bringing good music to folks from near and far, and boosting the town’s economy. Besides the lessons, they enjoyed tubing, swimming, playing, jumping, dancing, eating, etc. The downtown area was congested all weekend with hardly a place to park. All enjoyed their stay in Lyons. FolksFest is August 16 through 18.

LYONS CHAMBER SOCIAL IS THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, at Spirit Hounds, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., with Dan Siddall as co-host.  All members and guests are invited; guests are charged $5.  Come one and

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Calorie Conscious

Keeping Lyons Fit!

By Mary Chase, owner of Lyons Fitness Center

If you are like me, you are at that point in the summer when you realize the hot days and vacation time make you open a beer a little quicker, or eat a couple more chips at the barbeque. So maybe before any more calories are consumed we can examine how you can be conscious day to day about your calorie consumption. 

First off, I believe tracking your caloric intake is a good idea.  I don’t think it matters if you are trying

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Softball Season Nearly Over

The Lyons Parks & Rec., Co-Ed Adult softball season is starting to wind down, with only the final scheduled game next week (Monday, August 5) and a make-up rain out game (Monday, August 12) left on the slate. The biggest question remains, “Can anyone knock off Blue Mountain Stone?” Fast Signs came close Monday night,

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Life 101: Beyond High School coming August 8, 2013

A ten part series providing information to successfully navigate the senior year of high school in preparation of what lies beyond:
• Senior-year “to-do” list is divided into ten tasks one for each month
• Tips for parents on how to support their high school senior
• Directions for where to go for more information
• Notices of upcoming events related to preparation for life beyond high school

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About Town - July 25, 2013

Another week gone by! Only one month until school. We hope everyone got to do something exciting this summer.

The opening free concert in the park was postponed due to rain. The only rain of the week, and had to be on that day and time.  Plan to attend this Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., in Sandstone Park. A great concert is in store with the Danny Shafer Band, plus the Farmer’s Market and food truck.  The Blue Canyon Boys will be featured on Thursday, August 1. 

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Dangerous Grass

A hidden danger emerges as lush, spring grass dries up in the hot weather of early summer. The dried grass seeds, called grass awns, pose a potentially deadly threat to your pet. 

These grass awns frequently become lodged in your pet’s fur or body openings. The most common places for grass awns to become stuck are between the toes, in eyes and ears. If they are removed promptly, only minor irritation results. The special shape of these awns allows them to burrow deeper into your pet if they are not removed promptly. 

Awns in the eye cause infection, corneal ulcers, and eventual blindness. Awns in the ear cause external ear infections and often will penetrate the eardrum to cause middle

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The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer

The always well-coiffed Hooligans took on McHeaters in the opening game of the Adult Co-Ed Softball games at Bohn Park Monday night. Hoolie first base woman Deb Sims pontificated, “If we don’t look good, we can’t play good.”  Be that as it may, the well-groomed Hooligans might have been better served if their fleet-footed outfielder Dana “Sparky” Richards, just back from a holiday in “America’s Vacationland” (Maine) with a sprained ankle, could have done more than cheer from the dugout. The Hooligans

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