Alternative Spring Break In Flood-Ravaged Lyons

By Don Moore
People from all over the country have come to the aid of Lyons, and they all have their own stories. Last month, seventeen college students from Missouri University of Science and Technology traded their spring break beach vacations for a week of doing good works for Coloradans still recovering from September’s

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Flood History Project

On Wednesday, September 11, through Sunday, September 15, Lyons Colorado experienced a weather event that changed the history of the town forever. In five days the rainfall matched the normal accumulated total for a full year. The result was what has been referred to as a “1000 year Flood Event.”  During the flood and

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St. Vrain Restoration Master Planning Process Begins

As part of long-term flood recovery, Boulder County has hired consultant Michael Baker Jr., Inc. to complete a master plan for the St. Vrain Creek watershed, which includes South St. Vrain Creek, North St. Vrain Creek, and the main stem of St. Vrain Creek to the confluence with Boulder Creek.

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Raised The Bar

Dear Editor:
I have known Emma Hall for many years, and I know that she has devoted her life to raising the level of professionalism, organization, and careful investigational capacity of office of the Coroner in Boulder County. 
Emma’s compassion is reflected in the twenty-four hours she performs her job and devotes her life to our

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Flood Recovery Team Starts Office Hours

By Janaki Jane   
Lyons’ own flood recovery team, Lyons and Environs Colorado Spirit, has opened an office in the Balcony Office Suites at 431 Main Street, above the Barking Dog Café. Someone will be in the office Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and by appointment.

Any resident or flood-displaced resident of the Lyons, Hygiene, or Allenspark zip codes can come in for help or information. Residents are encouraged to drop by, or make an appointment if that meets their schedules

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LHS Athletes join us for the "Blue Line"

Dear Lyons Community,

The 18th Annual Lyons Community Barbecue will be held at Lyons High School before the first conference home football game on Friday, September 12, from 4 to 7 p.m., with kick-off time at 7 p.m. It was not planned this way, and was only by chance that this date happens to be the one-year anniversary of the devastating flood

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Traveling In Luxury The End Of Our Cruise

Roads Traveled With Linda L. Osmundson

Now with all port visits ended, the ship headed to San Diego without stopping. Two days and three nights of smooth waters allowed time to relax rather than think of all I needed to do to get

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About Town - May 1, 2014

Another week gone by, and no snow or rain. However, even if the rivers are getting a lot of run-off, the City of Longmont is releasing water (125 to 175 cfs) daily to draw down the reservoir for debris removal, a “little” rain would help. Of course the run-off from all that snow (157

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Home Stretch

By Joanne Barnard
Seniors, your last month of high school is here. This series has given you a monthly to-do list to prepare for life beyond high school and culminates in this article. Among the last few items to

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