Home Stretch

By Joanne Barnard
Seniors, your last month of high school is here. This series has given you a monthly to-do list to prepare for life beyond high school and culminates in this article. Among the last few items to

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Local Student Awarded Scholarship

LSU University College presented its annual “Celebration of Excellence” Spring Awards program on April 1, at The Club on Union Square. University College awarded $64,000 through fifty-five scholarships, ten LSU faculty teaching awards, and one LSU Advisor of the Year Award.

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Lyons Lions vs. Resurrection Christian

By Matt Smith
On a nice warm Saturday afternoon towards the end of April, and also the end of the 2014 Lyons High School baseball season, I was a few innings late to the ball game because track practice was finishing up. However, I did get to see a lot of the game as I was throwing some discus in

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Stars Come Out At LES

By Kari Basey
The stars shone brightly at the annual Lyons Elementary School Talent Show.  Kids from Preschool through Fifth Grade performed a total of sixty-five acts for their friends and family on Friday, April 25.  Talent was divided into two shows, based on age so that every interested

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JV and Middle School Track and Field Championships

By Renée Haip
There are a few meets each year that give us a glimpse of the younger talent being developed at both the high school and middle school levels. With the varsity team off this week, all attention shifted to the JV Championships on Wednesday, April 23 and the Middle School Championships on Saturday, April 26.

While many track members were in Grand Junction for a band trip, the JV Championships at Everly-Montgomery Field in Longmont provided some of the remaining underclassmen with some

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Save Meadow Park Lyons, Colorado

By Diane Goode Benedict
Since the catastrophic floods of 2013, much has been said about raising funds to repair parks, roadways, hiking and biking trails in Colorado. One such drive is to save Meadow Park in Lyons.

The park area was initially mentioned in The Lyons Recorder, December 15, 1910, indicating that the

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New Beginnings

Keeping Lyons Fit!

By Mary Chase

It is spring, a time of new weather, new growth, and new beginnings. Our little town has had a rough go of it in the last couple of months so I think we can all agree we are ready for positive new beginnings. So in this new season, what are the new beginnings you need to make to be successful? I

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Lyons Now Has Its Own Flood Recovery Outreach Team

Colorado Spirit - Mountain Outreach Team

By Janaki Jane
If you haven’t seen the folks in blue around town yet, you will soon. The Lyons area now has its own Colorado Spirit Mountain Outreach Flood Recovery Team. 

So if someone in a blue shirt knocks on your door, or talks to you on Main Street, and asks you: “How are you doing? How were you affected by the flood?” they really are here to help.

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Lyons Generosity

By Kate Kerr
Recently, I was shopping at Steamboat Natural Foods when a young man entered holding a generous handful of cash. He approached the cashier saying:  “You were here for me after the flood and opened

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