Invert To Survive

With Lee Hall & Bob Gilson

Lee: What was the first thing you did after you evacuated Lyons?
Bob: Sat down on a toilet that did not require I fill it with water before use. Didn’t even need to share a flush with someone.
Lee: Ahh, simple pleasures.
Bob: But it didn’t last. The reading rack included an article on inverters.
Lee: Do we really want to hear about this?

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Cat Fight No Contest!

By Oskar LaRue
The Lyons Lions football squad remained unbeaten after five games as they shut out the winless Nederland Panthers 21-0 in Nederland last Saturday.  With the temperature in the thirties and the wind gusting to fifty miles per hour, Lyons’ Coach Brandon Wilkes knew it was going to be a day for running the ball, not passing it.  And that’s perfectly fine, since he’s got two guys that usually run for over a hundred yards a game in senior quarterback Logan Watson and senior

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Town of Lyons Conducting an Emergency Siren Test

The Boulder County Sheriffs’ Department will be conducting a test of the emergency siren warning system in Lyons. This test is scheduled to take place at 12 p.m. Friday, October 11.

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Rebuild Lyons - One Life At A Time Campaign Kicks Off Oct. 12

“Rebuild Lyons – One Life at a Time” is very happy to announce the beginning of its campaign to provide direct grant assistance to residents of the greater Lyons area who have been impacted by the recent devastating floods. 

The Lyons Community Foundation (“LCF”) and the Lyons Community Basic Needs and Emergency Fund (“LCBNEF”), fiscally sponsored by Lyons Community Church, have established the “Rebuild Lyons – One Life at a Time” fund in the wake of the devastating flood that began on the night of September 11, 2013. 

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State of Lyons Public Meeting Oct. 3

State of Lyons Public Meeting, Oct. 3

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“Lyons Strong” At Broomfield X-C Invitational

“Lyons Strong” At Broomfield X-C Invitational

Torrential rains and flooding have not slowed or disheartened the Lions. Separated by rising waters and road closures that created islands throughout their tight knit community, the dedicated cross-country team of Lyons continued to train on their own. As their own neighborhood was initially declared uninhabitable and the National Guard filed in to assist with evacuations, residents of the Blue

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Good News, Bad News

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Date Line: Mon., Sept. 16, 9 p.m.

“I got some good news, and I got some bad news, which do you want to hear first?” We all know how that joke goes so I’ll start with the good news. First, although there are reports of five deaths so far in Boulder County from this disaster, none are from Lyons. Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Nick Goldberger confirmed this to me. He said one hundred percent of the homes within Lyons proper have been visited by either Search & Rescue, Lyons Fire, BoCo Sheriff, or

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All Aboard!

All aboard! The Lyons “Pioneer Express” is leaving this weekend on Platform 71 for a trip to fantasy and wonder. Don’t miss it.

Most people who live in Lyons are aware that the railroad played a large part in the development of the town. Beginning in the late 19th century/early 20th century with the Stanley Hotel is Estes Park bringing tourist in, and the Lyons’ quarries transporting sandstone out, and continuing to this day with the Depot Library, there has always been a rich railroad history here. What not many people realize is, that we have what has been described as, “the finest model railroad garden in northern Colorado,” right here in our back yard.

Local model train builder/enthusiast Steve Haskew and his wife Anne (she is a garden designer) are hosting open house this weekend to share his wonderful model train layout and her garden with

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Rake, Snake, And Broom

Rake, Snake, And Broom

Forget snakes on a plane, Town of Lyons Administrator Victoria Simonsen thought it was her lucky night last Tuesday evening (September 3) when the Board of Trustees meeting ended before 8:30 p.m. That was until she got home and raised her garage door to find a disgruntled town resident coiled up between the tools. A heroic neighbor came to Simonsen rescue, and “relocated” the viper to other accommodations.

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