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Parks Recovery Planning Process Meetings

Come share your ideas and learn about the recovery plans for the parks and trails. The planning teams have developed a new website that will be updated with plans and information throughout the process:

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Cistern Recovery Complete

The Little Thompson Road Association (LTRA) is pleased to report the completion of the cistern recovery at the Lyons Fire Protection District’s (LFPD) old Station #2 site. The old cistern, a critical piece of infrastructure, was lost in the flood of 2013. It served as a primary firefighting tool for wild land fires as well as an emergency backup water source for residents of the X-7 neighborhood.  

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Lyons Volunteers Receives $10,000

LifeBridge Christian Church, of Longmont, Colorado has been a long-standing supporter of the Lyons community. Following the 2013 floods, LifeBridge welcomed hundreds into its facility, as a refuge from the inundated town.

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Pinewood Springs Welcome New Residents

Since the flood of 2013, Pinewood Springs has experienced significant grown including several new homes being built. A small group of local volunteers started a program to welcome new residents to the Pinewood Springs area. You are invited to advertise your business or organization as a sponsor. For only $30 your name and logo will be prominently printed on a high quality canvas bag. 

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Rummage Revival at Lyons Community Church

We know God love us all, but how do you think he feels about discarded and unvalued stuff? The Salvagin’ Army is reviving and giving new life to all kinds of left behind treasures. 

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday (October 1,2, and 3) come to Lyons Community Church and find carpentry tools, gadgets, home

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Dear Lyons Residents

Two years have past since the epic flooding of 2013 caused major destruction, and forever changed the landscape of our town.  And while Lyons has made great progress in several areas, we are still struggling to find solutions for the displaced residents who do not have the option of returning to their homes.  During the months immediately after the flood, we came together as a community to support and help one another as we dug out each other’s homes, cleaned out businesses, rebuilt churches and lifted each other up

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A Sad Farewell

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

For the last five years I’ve tried to give readers ideas of places to visit and things to do whether in Colorado or elsewhere. It’s been an honor to work with Lora Gilson, publisher, and Joseph Lekarczyk, editor, of the Lyons Recorder. They allowed me to share trips I personally experienced as well as those I wish to experience. I still have a full bucket list but I’m forced set the bucket aside for a while.

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Intro To Aging

Boulder County, in partnership with the Aging Services Foundation and AffirmiCare are offering classes for adults fifty years and older to learn about what to expect, how best to plan and manage, and what resources are available as one ages. Over the course of four

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