Nominations For Resilience Awards

BoCo Strong, an organization committed to developing resilience throughout the county, will be hosting the first annual Resilience Awards at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons on September 24. The awards will be presented to Boulder County residents

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Lyons Pending Provision Program (P3).

The Pending Provisions Program is now in Lyons! The concept is simple: Contribute to the “bank” of Pending Provisions by paying for an extra coffee, haircut, noodle bowl, etc. at one of the participating Lyons businesses (listed below), which will

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Too Many For A Clown Car

The Occasional Curmudgeon by Gary L. Moore

Editor’s Note: Through the years, The Occasional Curmudgeon has, when things got to the point that he could no longer hold his tongue (or pen) occasionally commented through a column in the Lyons Recorder about what was going on in Lyons. Gary and his wife are moving to Oregon, and we wish them well, and thank him for his contributions to the paper over the years.

As I write this, there are seventeen “main” candidates and another twelve “maybe” candidates for the Republican nomination as their candidate for the position of President of the United States.  

Some of these people would be recognizable to almost anyone in this country. How could we not know who Bush is, after seeing the other Bushes sitting in the Oval Office?  Christie is hard to miss. He looks like a modern version of President Taft

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Lyons Parks Recovery Planning Process Meetings

Don't miss these upcoming Parks Flood Recovery Planning Process public meetings. Come share your ideas and learn about the recovery plans for the parks and trails. The planning teams have developed a new website that will be updated with plans

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Library District Hires Owner’s Representative

By Mark Browning
F&D International, Inc. of Boulder has been hired as owner’s representative to assist the Lyons Regional Library District in planning and building a new library and community resource center for the Lyons area. The company was selected after a thorough competitive bidding and interview process from among five firms who submitted proposals.

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Living Without A Safety Net

By Janaki Jane
At LEAF, everyone is welcome to come and ask for help. Middle class or in poverty, everyone occasionally needs some assistance to get through the month. A difference arises, though, when the assistance needed is for thousands of dollars, as opposed to help paying a utility bill or for transportation expenses. Here’s the difference: when a middle class person

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Final Push For Clarifier Project

Local artist Priscilla Cohan, a driving force behind the community art project says, “We are almost there! With the help of a core group of participants we are putting the finishing touches on the Clarifier. We still have several square feet to cover and a lot of grouting to do before the dedication ceremony on Saturday, September 12. We will be working on the project Sundays between now and then and we would love your participation. Come by between 9 and

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80540 Life And Learning

By Robin Ferruggia
80540 Life and Learning, a Facebook group, will be offering classes and discussion groups at no charge to Lyons area residents at the Lyons Depot Library.
The group, initially known as Lyons/Pinewood Springs SeniorConnect, was started by Anne Berman and Robin Ferruggia to assist area seniors who needed help like plowing driveways in winter, pet-sitting, minor home repairs, and such, to connect with neighbors willing to lend a helping hand.

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Thank You Coach Johnson

Dear Lyons Community,
We had a great day on Saturday. Doug Johnson (Lyons High School graduate), the head coach of Longmont High School’s football team (and son of John “Jet” Johnson our legendary Lyons football coach and the namesake of our football field), organized over one hundred kids and coaches last Saturday and

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