Name A Congressional Bill

United States House of Representative Jared Polis wants the public’s help. Polis says, “We’re getting ready to introduce an important wilderness protection bill in a couple weeks, and we want to give you an opportunity to choose the name. Our bill would continue Colorado’s strong legacy of preserving our beautiful public lands for future generations by protecting additional areas in the White River National Forest– areas­­ ­that we all enjoy and that are huge job-creators for our mountain communities.”

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BoCo Parks And Open Space Celebrates Forty Years

Boulder County is celebrating its fortieth anniversary throughout the year with multiple opportunities for public participation.
Organized “adventures” on county open space land began last week, and continue throughout the remainder of 2015. Residents can participate in any or all of the forty open space adventures. Some adventures require registration, so visit to sign up.

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Stay Calm And Be Prepared

Lyons Prepardness

By Toshen Golias
First, the good news: the threat of wildfire is low right now!
Yep, like a lot of folks, I’m a bit nervous these rainy days, but I’m trying to maintain a stay calm and carry on attitude. I just went out to my workshop, which experienced groundwater flooding in 2013, and got everything up off the floor, just in case. It felt good to take that small

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A Look Back At Lyons Businesses

By Kathleen Spring
Tourists often drive through downtown Lyons and only see a dozen stores, and often complain that the seemingly constant changing of store names must mean an instable economy.  The Lyons Historical Society, in cooperation with the Colorado and Lyons tourism offices, plans to change that perception.  In reality there are more than a hundred businesses that have been open ten years or more.  Spreading the word should bring more shoppers, service seekers, and prospective new businesses to Lyons. 

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About Town - May 14, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily represent those of the entire Board of Trustees. 

A tumultuous week has gone by, and now the sun is shining. All that rain over several days had us on edge. It was helpful that the Town kept in touch with us with their e-blast,  stating that the water got up to 1460 cubic feet per second with some places overflowing (the floodwaters  of 2013 were up to 30,000 a cubic foot per second).  Stay safe; keep an eye on the warnings.

The Lyons History Video shindig was cancelled due to the storm. They thank all for the silent auction items, and are looking to reschedule

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Saint Vrain Invitational Marked By Torrential Rains

By Renée Haip
Each track season, the Saint Vrain Invitational brings together high caliber track and field athletes from across the state and beyond at both the high school and elite levels. Jointly hosted by Longmont and Lyons High School at Longmont’s Everly-Montgomery Field, St. Vrain is a much-anticipated meet that draws big crowds to witness fierce competition and record breaking performances. The 2015 version of St. Vrain

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Botanic Gardens Plant Sale

The Lyons Botanic Gardens will hold their 5th annual fundraising plant sale on Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, behind Steamboat Natural Foods on Main Street. There will be perennials, annuals, herbs, various veggie starts, beautiful hanging baskets, and colorful T-shirts; all at great prices! The plants were all specifically selected because they are hardy, healthy, and will thrive in the local climate.

Lyons Botanic Gardens is still searching for land for their botanic garden in the Lyons area, and they continue to raise funds. The

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What's The Future For Affordable Housing In Lyons?

By Amy Reinholds

Housing Committee Asks For Workshop About Tap Fees

Special Housing Committee Chair Justin Spencer asked the Board of Trustees to schedule a workshop by early June to discuss tap fees for two small proposed Habitat for Humanity sites in Lyons. At the Monday Board of Trustees meeting, Spencer first asked for the fees to be waived, but later said that a discount, based on possible future saved money from

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Lions Sweep Team Titles at Mile High League Meet

By Renée Haip
On May 1 and 2, Lyons Track and Field competed in the Mile High League meet at Longmont’s Everly-Montgomery Field. Previously part the very competitive 3A Patriot League, the Lions moved to the 2A Mile High League this year where they won both the girls, and boys’ team titles. For the Lions, this meet produced thirty-five personal best performances, fifty-nine scoring

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