Faces of this Housing Issue

Dear Editor,
We are in the midst of a controversial (and sometimes painful and divisive) process of making an important decision together about the future of Lyons. By March 24, Lyons’ citizens will have chosen by vote whether we are willing to cede five to seven acres in Bohn Park for the purpose of building affordable recovery housing.

So much is at stake, I’m asking everyone to step back from their fears, personal judgments; reach deep and vote their consciences. My hope is, that whatever the outcome, we may participate in the process in such a way that is respectful, thoughtful, non-judgmental, and worthy of us as citizens of this very special place we (still want to) call home. It’s not a contest, like sports. Or even politics. There is no “enemy”, no dark, deceptive force at work. Many hours of earnest, hard work, careful research, and thoughtful consideration have been put in by people of all opinions trying to find a solution. As Trustee Dan Greenberg has said, we have to live with each other (and ourselves), and how we treated one another, after the vote is in.

I am one of the faces of this housing issue, having been displaced by the September 2013 flood. I am your neighbor, your friend. Lyons has been my home for almost seventeen years. I want to live in, and continue to make contributions to, this town I love. (I’m so fortunate to be sharing a wonderful Lyons home now.) I was talking the other day to a good friend who supports adding low-income housing, but is vehemently against using park space for recovery housing. When I told them I was one of the displaced people hoping to live there, they said they still would probably not vote for it, but now felt differently about it. Let’s talk to each other about this. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. I’m hoping enough people will be willing to consider all the issues in balance, this extraordinary opportunity and take the leap of faith. Be willing to change some of the spots on one of our sacred cows. For our friends and neighbors.

We must all ask ourselves, what is it we want to create for the future of our town?

I am holding the vision of a beautiful, carefully designed and landscaped little neighborhood, blending in to its surroundings, which has ample parkland flowing all around it. Many of our displaced citizens have returned. What many feared to be a blighted intrusion, they now enjoy as a new connection, inviting pedestrian flow from town to Bohn Park. People are still playing, laughing, walking their dogs, riding their bikes, planting gardens; still enjoying views of Steamboat Mountain, trees and foothills. There is still plenty of room for events and parking. The quality of life, complexion and richness of Lyons has been immeasurably improved for many years to come as a result of this vote of confidence. All the birthing pains have been long forgotten.

“Beyond the ideas of right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there.”  Rumi

With respect and appreciation,

Cathy Rivers, Lyons


The Gift of Home

There’s a mound of dirt in front of the Lyons home of Cat and Dave Wechsler that has toy trucks all over it. As Cat says, they’ve done all they can to help the boys still feel connected to their home since it was destroyed by the 2013 Flood. That has even included living in an RV in front of the

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A Hot Time In The Old Town Tuesday Night!

Retail marijuana, recovery housing in Bohn Park, electric rate hikes, traffic light at Stone Canyon/McConnell Bridge, an annexation petition, Intergovernmental agreements (IGA) with Boulder County, and Meadow Park improvements; what an agenda! It was like an NBA

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Collaborative Holds Meeting

The Lyons Housing Collaborative (Trestle Strategy Group, Boulder County Housing Authority, St. Vrain Habitat for Humanity, the architectural firm Workshop 8, and Milender White, a contractor) held a meeting last week at Rogers Hall, to give an update on where

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 LCF Moves To New Location

The Lyons Community Foundation recently moved into a new office space at 443 Main Street above the Barking Dog. The new office provides a visible, accessible location for those working with the foundation. The move was made possible by a generous grant from CEMEX. The locally operated company has been a longtime supporter of LCF, and is paying a year’s rent on behalf of the foundation.

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Lyons Preparedness

How They Do It: Allenspark Neighbors Emergency Network (Part Two)

By Emily Gubler
In the last article, I spoke with Steve and Barb Coles of the Allenspark Neighbors Emergency Network (ANEN) about the organization and function of their network. In this article, we go into more depth about ANEN’s role before and during an emergency.

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Wyoming, More Than Yellowstone

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Yes, Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains are probably the most well known destinations in Wyoming. However, there are other smaller interesting tourist attractions. We travel I-80 often in route to Salt Lake City to see grandchildren but seldom go north on I-25.

Today I’ll give you ideas for two-day trips along those routes. 

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Wildflower Spring Concert Schedule

When the September 2013 floods hit Planet Bluegrass, the raging waters completely destroyed the beloved Wildflower Pavilion concert venue. Though they rebuilt the structure in time for last summer’s festivals, this spring Planet Bluegrass will officially dedicate the new Wildflower Pavilion, complete with state-of-the-art sound and lights, rooftop solar panels, seasonal sliding doors, heating system, and permanent bar areas.
Beginning next month, the Wildflower Pavilion will celebrate its grand reopening concert season with five special Friday evenings of music.

On March 27, cherished singer/songwriter Ellis, a longtime veteran of the Folks Festival and Song School, fills the Wildflower with her whole-hearted songs. Then in April and May the Planet will showcase progressive bluegrass, creative songwriting, and musical virtuosity with veterans of the RockyGrass and Telluride Bluegrass stages: Head for the Hills on April 10; Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, and The Lil’

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Approaching Pain And Structural Misalignment Through An Integrated Approach

Lyons Health & Wellness - A Network of Complementary & Natural Healthcare Practitioners

By Dr. Bertrand Babinet
Integrative bodywork addresses the physiological and psychological factors that contribute to pain and dysfunctions associated with structural misalignment.

Why do people need frequent structural adjustments?

There is a tendency to imagine the structural alignment as primarily associate with the skeleton.  Anyone that has looked at a skeleton

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