Injury-Free Living Coming to Lyons

By David Hazen
Perhaps you are a frustrated competitive athlete or dancer who is just short of being in the elite category. Maybe you just want to be able to walk an hour without pain. Exercise is touted along with a good diet as the main prescriptions for healthy living, but many times our bodies speak louder than our desire to be active. In

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Boulder County Plein Air Juried Art Show

The Boulder County “plein air” artist community and the Boulder County Parks and Open Space department and Foundation are excited to host the second Plein Air Exhibit featuring Boulder County Parks and Open

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Free Movie Night at Valmont City Park

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a free movie screening on Friday, August 15, at Valmont City Park beginning at dusk.  Residents are invited to use the bike park facilities and relax afterwards to watch “Back to the Future” on the big screen. This event is sponsored by Gebhardt BMW and presented by Boulder Outdoor Cinema.
The Bike and Movie Night is part of a city initiative to engage local neighborhoods by involving residents in recreational programming. Valmont City Park users and the local community were asked to participate in an

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Cyclist-Motorist Community Working Group

In an attempt to find solutions to make travel safer for both cyclists and motorists using flood-damaged canyon and mountain roads, and because those roads are likely to see flood recovery construction activity for the

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Reflections On The Flood (Part One)

By Julia Herz
Editor’s note: Ms. Herz, shares her flood story with the community as a two-part series.

Tonight when I see her on the bus I am reminded how I now keep snacks in my office and backpack and purse in a fashion I never would have thought of as logical before. I am reminded how a few hundred people are still not back in their homes or have simply moved away. I am reminded how much the 500 year flood of Lyons, Colorado, rocked our world, and I’m reminded how my feelings out of necessity have been pushed aside for a later time and I guess that time is now.

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Third Avenue Micro-Park

Former Boulder resident Jeremy Ragland, owner of the bank building on the corner of Main and Third (a.k.a “the broken clock building) hired the crew down at Gwynn’s Greenhouse to create a “micro-park along the Third Avenue side of the building. After replacing a railroad tie planting area

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“Camp Noah”

Pastor Emily Flemming of the Lyons Community Church (LCC) received a call from Lutheran Family Services in Minnesota asking her if the church would be interested in hosting a summer camp program called “Camp Noah” in Lyons to help local children process and cope with the stress and

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BOT Says “Yes” To Pot; “No” To Cigarettes

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Any time a marijuana ordinance, be it retail or medical, is on the Board of Trustees’ (BOT) agenda as a public hearing one can expect that there might be some “emotional fireworks.” That was certainly the case Monday evening, but the fireworks came from a somewhat unexpected quarter.

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Elizabeth “Betty” (Bowen) Frysig Begley

Elizabeth “Betty” (Bowen) Frysig Begley, 79, of Indianapolis, passed away July 29. She was born January 31, 1935 to the late Lowell Francis and Pauline (Walters) Bowen.

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