“Walk the Walk”

Dear Editor,
Like many Lyons’ residents, we have been listening to the arguments pro and con regarding the Bohn Park affordable housing development for several weeks. This weekend, we finally made up our minds, and we have two young out-of-towners to thank for the closure. Stephen and Daniel Scott are employees of Habitat for Humanity that built the Vasquez house on Park Street. We met them and started talking over a drink at Spirit Hound last Saturday following the dedication of the

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Vote "No"

My dear fellow Lyons residents,

Many people misunderstand the upcoming housing vote, believing that we need to give up Bohn Park to bring homeowners home. That is NOT what you will be voting on. The vote is, simply, should we give up our parkland for a massive, taxpayer subsidized, Boulder County Housing Authority low-income rental project, where participants will build up no equity and consist primarily of non-Lyons residents?

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Can’d Aid Is Rock Solid For Lyons Small Business

Kylie and Nathanael Romig of Rock Solid Fitness (also known as CrossFit St. Vrain), would like to take this opportunity to thank the CAN’d Aid Foundation (a non-profit organization founded and largely supported by Oskar Blues Brewery), for the generous grant they were given at the end of 2014.

The Romigs would also like to give a special thank you to Lynne Johann for her effort and support in helping Nathanael pull together the needed information for the

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Why Marijuana Can Wait

By Connie Sullivan, Mayor Pro-Tem, Lyons
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known the author of this editorial piece is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do no necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

At the February 17, meeting of the Lyons Board of Trustees, the topic of recreational marijuana appeared once again on the Board’s agenda.   The specific action was to remove the marijuana related question from the upcoming March 24, election.   The Board became aware that a vote to ban recreational marijuana

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Jamestown Celebrates New Fire Station

By Erika Rae Archer

On Friday, February 20, the Town of Jamestown celebrated the opening of the new Fire Station at 66 Main Street in Jamestown. The $940K facility is 2,544 square feet and provides volunteer fire protection to the Greater Jamestown community. The new facility replaces the previous 1,725-square-foot fire station that had been built in 1967 and was destroyed during the 2013 Jamestown Flood.

“Each step of our community’s recovery from the 2013 Flood signifies the strength and resilience of our community and an acceptance of the new normal,” said Mayor Schoedinger. “This journey would be so much more difficult, and maybe not even possible, without the tremendous amount of support we’ve received from across Colorado.”

Funding for the new fire station came from two sources: CIRSA Insurance covered $340,677 while the Colorado Department of Local Affairs covered $598,930 with an Emergency Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Grant to restore the Town’s emergency services after the 2013 Flood. Adjacent to Roosevelt National Forest and a heavily forested area, it is critical that Jamestown is able to respond quickly to the threat of fire.

“The grant allowed us to build a station that is more resilient and will allow us to provide emergency services to our community and to support our neighboring agencies through mutual aid,” said Mayor Schoedinger. 

“Although literally encompassed by Lefthand Fire District, Jamestown has always maintained an independent and locally trained department,” explained David Mans, JVFD Operational Chief. He went on to further describe how even though the department is independent, they train with other Boulder County departments in preparation to provide support for larger events. This relationship was critical in the Overland Fire of 2003, during which JVFD played a role in the area’s response and recovery.

According to Arne Metzger, JVFD Administrative Chief, the new station is built with numerous improvements to the former station, including concrete and insulation-sandwiched first floor walls, as well as a metal-sided second floor and roof for a near zero-maintenance exterior. A convenient interior truck fill and vehicle exhaust system has been installed so that firefighters don’t have to breath the diesel fumes that all but the very newest diesels put out.  It also has a fire alarm and suppression system, a large training room and storage room, and nice restroom facilities.  The concrete driveway and better runoff mitigation prevent constant entry of mud and dirt into the station. Beautiful glass bay doors provide passive solar heat and are larger for easier truck access than before. The roomy upstairs will serve multiple purposes, including use as a training room and as a community space.

To address the issue of potential future flooding, this new station was engineered to be two feet higher than the last station and is out of the floodplain. “Water now flows from the bays to the street, instead of the other way around,” explained Chief Metzger.  

To ensure the continuity of emergency response services during construction, a temporary fire hall was erected to house the engines and equipment. “We have Emergency Medical Services as well as fire response and have a well trained and experienced EMS team that provides emergency medical support that is critical when the nearest professional services are at least twenty minutes away.  We are particularly appreciative to Lefthand Fire for their mutual aid commitment since September of 2013 as we’ve waited for the completion of this beautiful Fire Hall,” said Chief Mans.

“The firefighters are very happy to be in the new facility,” asserted Chief Metzger. “Just look at it, its a thing of beauty!  Faurot Construction, WORKSHOP8 and JVA did an excellent job on the design, engineering and construction in a short timeframe. The facility provides the square footage and options we really needed, and looks great too.”

To celebrate the opening of the new fire station, the JVFD held an open house and ribbon cutting on Friday, February 20. A free brisket meal was provided.

Task Force Work Is Done; Now Work Lies With All Citizens

Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force

By Amy Reinholds
In December 2013, I was appointed to the Housing Recovery Task Force (HRTF), a volunteer, non-voting, ten-member, ad-hoc committee for the Town of Lyons. The HRTF purpose was to consolidate and identify possible housing recovery solutions, to support the Town’s applications for grant money associated with providing

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About Town - February 26, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily represent those of the entire Board of Trustees. 

Wow, a cold weekend and more to come! We should leave the water from your faucet dripping a little, better to be safe than sorry. My crocuses were peaking out. I hope the snow protected them. Yes, spring is just around the corner. 

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Woodman & Shark: From Clay To Paper

A retrospective survey of Betty Woodman’s works on paper, made in collaboration with Lyons area resident Master Printer Bud Shark, will open with a reception Saturday, March 14, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., at the 15th Street Studio (1708 15th Street) in Boulder. The show will run through Thursday, April 30.

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A Heartfelt Fun Valentine's Day Weekend For Lyons Seniors

By Kathleen Spring
Fun, food and fortuitous finances brought joy to the Lyons Golden Gang, the senior Meals-on-Wheels group.  The Valentine's Day holiday activities began with a big slice of cheesecake, dripping with strawberries, during the senior lunch on Friday.  The room was delightfully decorated with hearts and happy messages from Lyons Scout Troop 3982.  Next came a free craft activity, sponsored by the Town of Lyons, Parks and Recreation Department.  Seniors made colorful bracelets to either give

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