Hams Needed

By John O’Brien
During the September flood, the ability to communicate from and to emergency responders was severely limited. Similar conditions have existed during wildfires and floods in this and other parts of the state. Electricity is often out. Telephones and the Internet are down.

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Memories of Fitness Fun

Keeping Lyons Fit!

By Mary Chase

Yesterday I completed my fourteenth Bolder Boulder, one of the nation’s largest 10K running races. I have completed this race every year since I moved here, through many of life’s milestones. Yesterday’s milestone was especially sentimental to me; I completed the Bolder Boulder with my eleven-year-old daughter Zoe for the first time. I get teary-eyed just

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Lyons Author Offers Up A Bushel Of Books

The Longmont Public Library, 409 4th Avenue, now offers A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography by Lyons author Kayann Short, Ph.D., through their “Books in a Bag Program.” This program makes ten copies of a selected book available for book groups. Author information and discussion questions are also provided. Single copies of A Bushel’s Worth are also available on the Colorado Authors Shelf and in non-fiction.

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Such A Good Showing

One hundred and sixteen Lyons residents officially participated in the 2014 Bolder Boulder 10K race on Memorial Day. The oldest was seventy-four year old Lockett Wood, and the youngest were six year old Ryanna Cullen and Evelyn Frucci.

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About Town - May 29, 2014

It was a lovely Memorial Day, but always sad when we think of our departed loved ones, family, and friends. A trip to the Lyons Cemetery, found lots of folks we used to know buried there (their last resting place) two or three deer prancing

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Lyons Girl Scouts Earn Bronze

Lyons Girl Scouts from Troop 3970 earned their Bronze Awards this Spring by following through with a service project to make a positive difference in the community. In selecting their project, the girls thought of what they loved, in their case animals, and chose to help Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

During April meetings, the girls constructed wooden nesting boxes, and carry containers, made rice socks, and squirrel

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Lions Club Tree Fund

Following the April 26, “Adopt-A-Tree” planting event, the Lions Club has paid all bills due and retains a tree fund balance of donated money for future tree plantings by the Town of Lyons.

The Lions Club received a total of $11,080, which included Colorado Tree Coalition and CAN’d Aid foundation grants and

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Finding the sunshine in the grey days

By Janaki Jane
The accompanying graph shows, more or less, how individuals and communities commonly respond to disaster over time.
Looking at it, you can see that at eight months after the September floods we are just about at the bottom of that disillusionment trough.

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About Town - May 22, 2014

Another week gone by, and great weather. It gave folks time to cut their grass, plant some flowers, etc. We had a pretty nice rain, causing the grass to green and the flowers to bloom. Let’s enjoy this nice spring weather while we can.

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