Discovering a Great Teacher

Dear Editor,
When I attended the dedication of the plaque and bench to Gerald Boland, I discovered a man of significance.  When helping produce the program brochure, the family stated that it would not be a memorial, and they

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What Have You Done To Help?

Dear Editor,
Personally I am getting sick and tired of reading letters from Peter Baumgartner lambasting the library and museum, which were both destined to be torn down. But the old depot (1880) and the schoolhouse (1881)

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He Solved It

Dear Editor,
Colorado is so often ahead of the rest of the country, setting the pace. Latest example: The New York Times recently reported on worries that the legal cannabis industry may not have access to banking facilities; it might

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Let Our Opinions Be Based On Facts, Not Falsehoods

Dear Fellow Lyonsites,
I’m sorry to say that it’s time (once again) to correct another fact-challenged Letter to the Editor by Peter Baumgartner about the new library effort. As a member of the Lyons Regional Library District, I of course

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Getting Used to “Recovery Normal”

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
Somehow, the one year mark of any important event changes things. Whether it’s a one year old’s birthday, a year since getting fired, or one year since a disaster changed life, knowing that a year has

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Toilets In Taksindu

By Don Moore
In the fall of 2009 I spent three weeks trekking the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, followed by a week’s home stay in the village of Chhulemu in the Solukhumbu region of that country. When I

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Your Growing History Museum

By Kathleen Spring
The Lyons Redstone Museum is like the Christmas tree decorations that you add to each year. One year you put a wooden toy house to represent your first home, and another year you put your baby’s photo

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About Town - September 25, 2014

Another week gone by. A nice week. A time to go to the high country to see the change of colors, and to relax before winter comes. I love the fall!

The papers states that fifty percent of those who voted for marijuana, now wish they hadn’t. The Lyons

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Lady Lions Continue To Roll

The Lyons High School volleyball C team had two home games on Tuesday, while JV and Varsity had the night off.  First up was the Niwot Cougars followed by Denver Academy. The

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