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Mysteries Of Menopause Explained

Part One: What is going on?

With Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, LAc of Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic, Lyons

One moment you’re sitting in a meeting having a conversation with a colleague and you’re able to present yourself as a professional, intelligent person.  Before you can blink, your mind turns to Jell-O, you can’t remember the last word you said nor the poignant message you were trying to convey, your body temperature seems to be going through the roof, and you’re sweating profusely.


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What Grandma Ate... And Why

By Carol Marra

Frances crawled out an upper window of her family’s Iowa farmhouse and onto the tin roof above the front porch; she was toting a tray of thinly sliced apples from the orchard. She placed them carefully on the tin roof to dry in the sun -- the roof was hot enough to keep the flies away. These apples would be the stars of the dried apple pudding, with whipped cream from the dairy cows, which was a staple of celebratory family dinners.

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Ask the Handy Woman!

Answers to your home maintenance and repair questions

Can you believe it? A year has gone by. A whole year since Lora and Joseph at the Lyons Recorder agreed to let me blather on about what makes my world go ‘round: fixing things and playing with power tools! (Cue Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor sound byte. Actually no, don’t. That just sounds ridiculous.).


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Spot on Seniors

Just A Little Ditty Can Make The Day Brighter

By Kathleen Spring

If a King of Comedy was crowned at the Lyons senior center, it would have to be Don Hunt.  He brought jokes and songs to the seniors on many occasions over the years, but due to health concerns, he retired his repertoire in spring.


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Do You Need $1 Million To Retire?

By Doug Carey

It’s always an interesting experiment to ask people how much money (in today’s dollars) they think they will need to retire comfortably. I’ve found that a lot of folks like to throw out the nice, round figure of $1 million. It’s a reasonable guess, but usually it’s just that: a guess. I wanted to dig deeper and figure out just what it takes to retire comfortably at age 65.

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Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Central City Opera

A previous article highlighting the 2011 Central City Opera season appeared in the spring of 2011. This year, for the 2012 season, the operas include the Turn of the Screw, Oklahoma, and La Bohème. On Friday, July 13, my husband and I took the chance to see the last two afore mentioned productions in one day.

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What You Need In Order To Retire Before Age 65

By Doug Carey

There are so many articles written, and so much talk today, about how a lot of folks in their 50s and 60s either won’t be able to retire before age 70 or may never be able to retire at all. Instead of rehashing this downer of a scenario,

I would like to discuss what a person or a couple needs to have today in order to retire before age 65.

I have consulted with many clients who had this simple question: Can I retire when I’m 60? I’ve even had a few people ask me if they are in good enough shape to retire at age 55. They simply had no idea if they had enough money invested and enough future income to cover all that they wanted to do in retirement.

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Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Cheyenne Frontier Days provides twelve days packed with western fun, food, and entertainment for the whole family, July 20-29. Don your western duds and choose your favorite activities from the schedule here.  Whether you spend one day or all, you are sure to have a good time.

Before the Parade, enjoy pancakes, ham, milk or coffee, and plenty of syrup. The Kiwanis and Boys and Girls Club cook enough to feed almost 40,000 attendees.

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Roberta Babinet

Beloved Roberta Babinet passed away on May 22, 2012 while traveling in Paris at the age of 65. She is survived by Bertrand Babinet, her husband of 46 years; her son Eric and his wife Lisa and grandchildren Jeremy and Alia Babinet of California; her son Matthew Babinet of California; her son David and his wife Yakova Babinet of New York; her sister Joyce Kemp and her husband John Kemp of New Hampshire, and her sister Jackie Wieczkowski and her husband Ricky Wieczkowski of Florida.

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