What does a Larimer County Commissioner Do?

By: Larimer County Commissioner Lew Gaiter III

We frequently get asked “What does a county commissioner do anyway?”

One of the great privileges of being a local elected official is the incredible diversity of opportunities and responsibility. Larimer County Commissioners work both inside and outside our 8 incorporated municipalities to address the needs of the citizens here in Larimer County.

All 3 commissioners host monthly “citizen meetings” where we bring guest speakers to communicate to residents on issues of local concerns. Our guests

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Pachamama Farm & Wellness 2015 Harvest Festival and Dance 2B Free Fundraiser

Friends, neighbors, and everyone in the community is invited to Pachamama Farm & Wellness’ 3rd annual Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 19, from 2-10 pm. The Harvest Festival falls close to the Autumnal Equinox and is a celebration of the abundance of ripe foods that autumn brings. This year's Harvest Festival is also a fundraiser for an inspiring young nonprofit, Dance 2B Free.

Harvest is an Old English word meaning “autumn.” The Harvest Festival is a meaningful tradition celebrated all over the world around the time of the Autumnal Equinox, which is Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015. “The Harvest Festival gives us the opportunity to celebrate the community, soil, and food

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Lyons Life - Annie Grace

By Ken Singer

Annie Grace has bartended at Oskar Blues for nearly ten years, almost as long as she has lived in Lyons. Regulars at the popular bar and restaurant know that Annie remembers their names and favorite beverages and she’s a very huggy person.

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About Town with LaVern Johnson - August 20, 2015

Another week gone by. Panic set in Friday night during that great downpour, causing damage to streets, etc. But it did eventually end, and all is well. 

FOLKS FESTIVAL was full with the Song School and three days of concerts. The streets in town where full too (they should have gone to Bohn Park and paid $2 a day or $5 for three days for parking). However, they are friendly folks just here to enjoy the music, and the town

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Relive The Lewis And Clark Trail

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Meriwether Lewis set out to fulfill a wish of President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson hoped Lewis would discover a water route to connect the Missouri and Columbia Rivers and open up the possibility of western expansion and river transportation from the Atlantic to Pacific. We know the trip as the Lewis and Clark Expedition but Jefferson called it the Corps of Discovery. Their mission was to map a route but also

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Community Reads

Those who know Kirk Udovich will wonder how he could possibly find time to dive into a book.  When he’s is not at work, he’s found most often running, biking and playing his guitar.  His favorite go-to for what he refers to as “mindless entertainment” is diving into a Clive Cussler action adventure novel.

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Wildfire Partners Receives Million Dollar Grant

Wildfire Partners, a voluntary program for Boulder County homeowners who want to prepare for wildfire, has been awarded $1.125 million by FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). Launched in 2014, Wildfire Partners provides technical and financial assistance to homeowners and increases the insurability of participating homes.

Boulder County’s Parks and Open Space program also received HMGP grant funding that will support increasing defensible space around historic structures on various Parks and Open Space properties and a fuels reduction project on Betasso Open Space.

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Town of Lyons - November 2015 Ballot

Board of Trustees Meeting, August 17, 2015

The Board of Trustees set two questions that will appear on the November 2015 ballot:

One, a question asking for voters to approve a 0.5% sales and use tax increase, raising the tax from 3.0% to 3.5%.

Two, a question asking voters’ approval that the full revenues generated by the imposition of a 5% excise tax when retail marijuana of any form is first sold or transferred by a marijuana cultivation facility or marijuana infused products facility, beginning January 1, 2016. In addition, the rate of such excise tax shall be allowed to decrease or increase without further voter approval beginning January 1, 2017, so long as the rate of such tax does not exceed 10%.

A  0.5% sales tax increase would generate approximately $100,000 per year initially, and would allow general fund programs to operate without needing to use reserves on a regular basis; stabilize funding for general municipal operations; and put aside funds for capital improvement projects. With the exception of the Town of Ward, Lyons has the lowest local sales tax rate of all municipalities in Boulder County.

The revenue from a 5% excise tax on the first wholesale transfer of retail marijuana is estimated to produce a maximum of $270,000 in 2016. The TABOR requires that the Town shall not collect any additional revenue more than $270,000 in 2016 from the excise tax. Furthermore, the Board will not be allowed to modify the excise tax through 2016. Beginning January 1, 2017, the rate the excise tax could be decreased or increased without further voter approval, so long as the rate of such tax does not exceed 10%. Visit www.townoflyons.com for official ballot wording and voter registration information.

Start-up Day Across America

Dear Friends,

American ingenuity remains one of the most valuable and coveted resources in the world.

One example of that spirit is demonstrated in our start-ups and small businesses. Start-ups have created an average of two million jobs in the United

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