Linda Young Pittman Goudelock

Linda Young Pittman Goudelock, of Lyons, formerly of Cleveland, Mississippi, died on October 6, in hospice care in Longmont. Linda was born March 16, 1924 and raised in Ruleville, Mississippi. Soon after WWII, Linda married

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MAVEN Sprinkled With Star Dust

Editor’s Note: Lyons resident and CU professor Nick Schneider has been involved over the last decade with a team of scientists who sent an atmospheric probe, called MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) to the red planet to try and ascertain what became of the water on Mars. Maven was launched in mid-November of 2013,

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Aloha From Lyons

Ask anyone who has ever been to Hawaii, and they will tell you that Aloha, translates to: “hello,” “good bye,” and/or “I love you,” depending on the circumstances. Well after last Friday night’s Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) annual Gala, we might have to add “job well done” and “great party” to the list of possible translations.

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Have a holly, jolly what?

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
Christmas commercials on TV, Christmas carols in office buildings, “Order your Thanksgiving turkey now!” Flyers and Christmas wrapping paper in grocery stores, snow and cold. Another holiday season is upon us, and even more than usual, many of us in the areas hit hardest by last year’s floods just aren’t ready. Like some said about

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About Town - November 13, 2014

In the interest of full disclosure let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

Veteran’s Day was this week; a day to honor all our veterans, throughout the years and throughout the nation.

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An ICS Thanksgiving

Lyons Preparedness with Emily Gubler

In September of 1970, California was hotter and drier than normal, conditions that led to thirteen days of fast-moving wildfires that caused the loss of sixteen lives and destroyed over 700 structures. When this incident

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Taking Your Core Beyond The Crunch

Keeping Lyons Fit!  - Mary Chase

The abs are by far the most concerning area of client’s bodies. In fact I have yet to meet few clients that say they have no concern about their abdominal muscles, or don’t want to focus on that area.

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Road To The Rocks

Win the Ultimate ColoRADo experience with Oskar Blues and Icelantic’s iconic annual Road to the Rocks program at

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Poetry Corner - Nov. 6, 2014

Fall Back

Autumnal vegetation slumber
Hibernation instincts hunker down

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