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Saving for Education 2014

By Joanne Barnard
Paying education costs can be stressful for parents and graduates; estimates are staggering. Yet post secondary education is becoming a necessity to ensure a productive life. Planning for post-secondary education now will

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What Stress Really Is And How To Bust It.

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
Colorado Spirit has done trainings with a psychologist who works for the State of Colorado. A point he makes repeatedly is this: stress is fear. As we dissected it, we saw his point. For instance, when we say “This

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Colorado Postcard Places - Continued

Roads Traveled By Linda L. Osmundson
Now that the overeating of Thanksgiving and the rush of Black Friday has passed, we can look forward to the rest of the holiday season. Before we know it, New Years will be here. We need to form our resolution list, check it twice,

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First Win Of The Season

The Lady Lions basketball team traveled to Estes Park to play against the Bobcats. The schools have been rivals for a long time, and it has been awhile since the Lions have been victorious over the Bobcats. The girls and their coach

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About Town - December 4, 2014

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees. 

Another week gone by, and the nights are cold. We are truly lucky to live in Colorado as we have sunshine most every day.

This is a busy week.  The 40th Annual Holiday Bazaar is this Saturday and Sunday at the LES gym, at 5 p.m. on Saturday it’s the Christmas Lights in

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Lyons Artist Gets Impressive Commission

Lyons Artist Gets Impressive Commission

Lyons artist/sculptor John King is known throughout the state for his colorful, kinetic, and somewhat whimsical sculptures, sometimes referred to by our local pre-school art aficionados as “wind-spinners.”

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A Recap from the Housing Recovery Task Force

By Amy Reinholds
At the end of October, the Lyons Board of Trustees voted to award Trestle Strategy Group, LLC, the Lyons Housing Site Analysis Study and the Lyons Facilities Siting Plan/Municipal Campus Feasibility Study. The responsibility of public

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Lyons Residents Brave the Elements to Prepare For Future Disasters

Lyons residents braved the weather on November 12, to receive their disaster preparedness bags from Boulder County CareConnect (BCCC). The nonprofit distributed forty-five bags at the Walt Self Center on the snowy

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Annual Pie Contest

A small but dedicated group of bakers squared off this past weekend to see who would garner the title of Lyons’ “Best Pie Baker.” Each year, The Stone Cup hosts this fundraising event, with the proceeds going to help support the

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