Town’s Computer System Breached

Around March 25, officials from the Bank of the West alerted Town of Lyons Finance Director Tony Cavalier and Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen of some suspicious money transfers from the Town’s accounts to off-shore (possibly Eastern European) entities. Over the course of a few hours, a total of seventeen money transfers were initiated in amounts ranging from five hundred dollars to a little under one hundred thousand dollars, for a total of just a little under

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Welcome Back!

Last weekend’s Oskar Blues Lyons Outdoor Games presented by Kelty was a great way for the Town of Lyons to welcome visitors back to Lyons to let them know, “We are back!” The games, held in Bohn Park and at the Black Bear Hole, were a

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About Town - June 5, 2014

JUNE IS HERE!  Hot weather, lots of snowmelt runoff, and some flooding. People are putting sandbags out, so we will hope for the best!  The roses. spirea, poppies, tulips, and all the spring flowers are at their best. 

SMALL COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR! We congratulate everyone in our town, for BEING STRONG. Lyons was honored as the Small Community of the Year, with a plaque presented by Jay Molito, Chairman of the Economic Development

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Finding The Smile In Your Child’s Eyes After A Disaster

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
It’s hard enough to have to deal with the aftermath of a disaster as adults, whether it’s fighting insurance companies or driving past debris piles every day. Taking care of kids adds another level of stress and worry. Unfortunately, many children experience disasters every year. Fortunately, this means that many parents before you have found successful ways to deal with their children’s reactions to natural disasters.

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Evergreen Jazz Festival

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Our Dixieland Jazz musician friends, the Barnharts, suggested we attend the Evergreen Jazz Festival (July 25 through 27). This festival holds gigs at five venues throughout town, from a church to a bar and grill. Shuttles shepherd attendees from one venue to the next at no cost. The line-up consists of ten bands and one special all-star

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LCF Million Dollar Drive

Scores of Lyons residents took advantage of a break in the rainy weather last Thursday evening (there was even a rainbow over Eagle Ridge to mark the occasion), to help the Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) kick-off their latest “Rebuilding Lyons Strong” fundraising effort with a million dollar goal!

LCF Executive Director Emily Ducel, wearing the new LCF T-shirt with the logo which appears on the new banners bedecking the light posts along Main Street, explained that the beautiful banners will serve as a reminder to visitors and motorists who pass through on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park that we are rebuilding, and will come back

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Rebuild In The Flood Way Will Be A Challenge

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Noxious fumes from the new roof being installed on Town Hall drove the Tuesday night special Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting down the street to the Walt Self Senior Center (how do they work there during the day?). There was only one item on the agenda; whether or not to allow the Lyons Community Church to encroach on the CDOT right of along the

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It Is Important to Have a Town-wide Conversation

Dear Editor,
The May 22 letter written by Robert Brakenridge was encouraging in one way.  Robert demonstrates the vital aspect of public engagement in our town’s process as we decide how to tackle the issue of replacement housing in the flood’s aftermath. This is, unfortunately, where my encouragement ended. Mr. Brakenridge makes several points that are just not accurate, and it is important that as we have this town-wide conversation, facts are honored.

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Hams Needed

By John O’Brien
During the September flood, the ability to communicate from and to emergency responders was severely limited. Similar conditions have existed during wildfires and floods in this and other parts of the state. Electricity is often out. Telephones and the Internet are down.

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