Hearing – check;

vision –check; blood pressure – check; balance – check; bone density – check; weight – whoa, wait what? “Well, okay if we have to, but I think that scale may weigh at little on the high side, plus I just ate some cookies over there after the blood draw so I wouldn’t faint.”

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Eighteen Years And Counting!

By Lyons Bluesologist, David McIntyre

Some of you might know the story of Oskar Blues’ beginnings in little ole Lyons, Colorado, and my part in it. Right there on the north end of the building there used to be a Subway sandwich shop where we now have our newly renovated party room. I would periodically stop in there to get one of their awful breakfast sandwiches on my way to work in Boulder. It was the beginning of 1997 when I noticed a sign in the window next to the Subway of a coming Blues bar and restaurant. So having started the Colorado Blues Society in 1995 the sign got my attention.

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About Town - April 22, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily represent those of the entire Board of Trustees.
Yes, another week gone by, and what a good rain. As it was really pouring down, it was very scary. Reminding of us of the September 2013 flood (it was the most rain since the flood). I was actually glad when it stopped! We can see the pastures and hills green up right before our eyes! Spring has sprung!

We do welcome the Special Housing Committee (currently made up of Craig Ferguson, Thomas Delker, Justin Spencer, and Nathaniel Mohatt,) who had a hand in defeating the sixty-six unit recovery housing project in Bohn Park,  but vow they will

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Bird Banding Soars Into Audubon Nature Center

In the month of May, visitors to the Audubon Nature Center (located at 11280 South Waterton Road) have the unique opportunity to watch research in action while seeing warblers, sparrows, woodpeckers, thrushes, and other songbirds at Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s bird banding station. 

“The bird banding station is unlike any other encounter with wildlife that I have experienced in my career” according to Community Outreach Coordinator, Kate Hogan. “To have this unique and personal encounter with wild song birds is an

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Last Saturday evening the Lyons Elementary PTO hosted their annual Silent Auction fundraiser at Oskar Blues. Parents and community members bid on over one hundred sixty-five donated items ranging from gift certificates to vacation getaways, and they also raised their paddles for straight up contributions with the end result totaling over $24,500!
LES PTO holds only two major fundraisers each year, the Jog-a-thon in the Fall and the Silent Auction in the Spring. These critical fundraisers support teachers and students with ongoing educational activities, field trips, technology, student

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The Bob Charles Trophy Stays In Lyons

By Renée Haip
The Boulder County Track and Field Championships (BoCo) has a proud tradition of showcasing and celebrating the high caliber talent of the county’s two school districts—St. Vrain and Boulder Valley, as well as honoring coaches, officials, and graduating seniors. During the stormy opening ceremonies of the 39th annual edition of BoCo, Lyons seniors Ryan Smith and Lauren Simms represented Lyons in the flag ceremony. Fellow seniors Zach Christiansen and Jenna Anderson, standout athletes and scholars, were honored with scholarships. Congratulations to Christiansen, who was awarded the John “Jet” Johnson Dedication Scholarship, and to Anderson, who was awarded the Bruce Tashiro Memorial Scholarship.

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BOT Creates New Special Housing Committee

By Amy Reinholds

Editor’s Note: Amy Reinholds served on the Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force from December 2013 through its end in February 2015. She is currently a member of the Lyons Human Services and Aging Commission. She has lived in Lyons for eleven years and in the surrounding Lyons area since 1995.

On April 20, the Board of Trustees created a special housing committee that will keep working on finding affordable housing solutions after the proposal for housing in Bohn Park was voted down last month. So far, the board

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Learn About Creating An Urban Renewal Authority In Lyons

All community members are invited to attend a presentation by Anne Ricker of Ricker/Cunningham on Wednesday, April 22, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the Council Chambers at Lyons Town Hall (432 Fifth Avenue). This presentation will include a power point of what tax increment financing, specifically an urban renewal authority, does, what it does not do, and how Lyons could use this mechanism for economic development.

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ARTBOX Opening - Become a Stylista!

Local artist and community activist Coco Gordon (aka Coco Go, aka SuperSky Woman) invites the public to the ARTBOX to participate as TTT Stylistas, Doers, Viewers, and Fun Documenters in a first yearlong “Framing Lyons” ARTBOX program by donation, to go to the LCF (Lyons Community Foundation

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