Last September, Lyons resident and CU professor Nick “Space Cowboy” Schneider and a team from the university celebrated over a decade of work with the launching of a Mars orbiter called MAVEN, which will collect vital data about the Martian atmosphere and perhaps give some insight into what happened to ninety-nine percent of the water on the planet.

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Building A Multi-Million Dollar Library Now Is Just Wrong!

Dear People of Lyons,
During this past weekend we, the people of the greater Lyons community, had opportunities to reflect on the flood one year ago.  We heard speeches about what has been done, what will be done, and what needs to be done.  No matter if you attended events at Planet Bluegrass, Bohn Park,

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Get “Honkified”

By David McIntyre, Lyons Bluesologist

Innovative and fresh, the Nouveaux Honkies are a must see band. Their sound and style cannot be categorized, so they call it “nouveaux honk.” It is an eclectic mix of rockabilly, blues, country and soul. Lyrical in nature, soulful in presentation, and hypnotic in mood, it will immediately turn you into a

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Wine Tasting Trails

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

When you think of grape growing or wine tasting, California’s Napa Valley comes to mind. But, did you know Colorado hosts over ninety wineries with more than thirty on the Front Range? And, the state’s winemaking began over a century ago? Or, some Colorado climates rival California’s grape growing regions?

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About Town - September 18, 2014

The Commemorative of the September 13, 2013 flood was wonderful.  Very heartwarming and sincere.  Starting Thursday evening at Planet Bluegrass, the Towns 10 Commissions and their Board Liaisons each gave a brief message  of their accomplishments during and after the flood and

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Lyons Football Is Back

By Gary Gorman
Lions football is back in Lyons this year after having to play their games on other fields due to the flood last year.
Recapping the season so far, Lyons started their season on August 30, taking on a strong Wiggins team at home. The young Lions had a rough start

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Lyons Businesses Get Some “Skin” In The Game

Everyone knows that small locally owned businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of any community. A while back, Lyons Physical Therapy owner Bronwyn Muldoon, after hearing countless tales from her patients about the challenges they were facing trying to rebuild their homes and lives after the September flood, started trying to come up with a way that she and some of the

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Benefit for WRV Restoration Programs

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, organizer of several Lyons flood restoration projects, will benefit from an Evening with John Fielder - Celebrating 50 years of the Wilderness Act, Thursday, Oct. 16 at the Dickens Opera House in Longmont. Proceeds from the sales of books by John Fielder (and

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EnergySmart Passes Milestone

EnergySmart enrolled its 12,000th residential customer as of the beginning of September, showing that even after the large Department of Energy grant ended, the service is providing large benefits to Boulder County residents.

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