BOT Meeting - Sept 8, 2015

5:30 pm  - 6:45 pm – Proposed Marijuana Amendments

Town Of Lyons Board Of Trustees Meeting
7 p.m., TUESDAY, September 8, 2015

Shirley F. Johnson Council Chamber
Lyons Town Hall, 432 5th Avenue, Lyons, Colorado

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Cope with Electronic Reading

By Kate Kerr
Lyons local Christie Cope was spotted at this summer’s recent Folks Festival in Lyons reading a book for her book club -  on her phone! The book was “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. The story details the complications of life during the WWII Nazi invasion of France.

Christie says she reads all the time using her phone and her iPad. Historical fiction is her favorite. (She admits, “a touch of romance never hurts!”) She purchases her downloaded books but says she’d like to try

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Hola Richardo!

Lyons Life - By Ken Singer

Call him a “networker.” It may not be a word that spellchecker holds in high esteem, but that is what Rick England is. He has lived in Lyons since 1986 and knows just about everyone in town. Rick likes to connect people who are looking for something with others who have something, such as connecting someone who needed fill after the flood with someone who needed to get rid of silt, or connecting someone looking for work with a potential employer.

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Relive The Lewis & Clark Trail – Part II

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

A driving trip following the Lewis & Clark Expedition presents many historic sites and information. Plan a leisurely trip so you can ingest it all, as well as the scenery. Here is more of that information.

While wintering in Fort Mandan, near Washburn, ND, Lewis & Clark collected botanical and mineral specimens and then shipped them east. They hired a French interpreter, Toussiant Charbonneau who lived with the nearby Hidatsa Indians. When they left Fort Mandan April 6, 1805, Charbonneau, his wife Sacagawea, and

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What's The Future For Affordable Housing In Lyons?

Committee Plans Recommendations To Trustees

By Amy Reinholds

Editor’s Note: Ms. Reinholds served on the Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force from December 2013 through its end inFebruary 2015. She is currently a member of the Lyons Human Services and Aging Commission and serves as a liaison to the special housing committee. She has lived in Lyons for twelve years and in the surrounding Lyons area since 1995.

At last Wednesday’s (August 26) meeting, the special housing committee decided to bring forward formal recommendations to the Board of Trustees about locations for affordable housing and to propose drafting a tap fee policy for affordable housing and an affordable housing guidance policy addendum to the Lyons Recovery Action Plan.
Special housing committee members Justin Spencer, Martin Soosloff, Wendy Miller, and Susanne Ducker met with the committee town staff liaison Cody Humphrey at the August 26 meeting at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall annex. The fifth

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Boulder, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Respond to Increase in Bear Activity

During the past week, a number of area residents have reported bear sightings and encounters to city and state wildlife officials. On Wednesday, Aug. 26, four bears were relocated from the city by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), and a fifth was relocated the next day. Other sightings have been reported and received media attention. Urban bear activity typically increases in late August as bears enter the stage of hyperphagia, a period of excessive eating to fatten for hibernation. Officials expect an increase in activity this fall because of a food shortage in natural areas. 

The Boulder Police Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are collaborating on ways to protect people and bears and to let the public know what to do during a bear encounter, how and when to report it to officials, and how they will respond.

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Done Her Homework

Hello Lyons Recorder folks, 
I am writing to say that I greatly appreciate reading Amy Reinholds’ columns about the housing situation in Lyons.  She is a really good writer -- her columns are all clearly written, well thought out, organized so as to be easily understood, and she clearly has done her homework on all of the content she includes.  I wanted to let

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Serve, Set, Spike, Dig - It's Volleyball Time In Lyons!

By Wendy Stevelinck

After losing only one starting varsity player (Sydney Stevelinck is continuing her volleyball career at Grace University) from their stellar (19 – 6) season last year, the Lady Lions are expecting to challenge Resurrection Christian for the league championship this time around. The team was definitely not satisfied with how last season ended at districts, losing three straight matches. Especially since two of those loses were to teams that

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A Pre-Season Look At Lyons Softball

The 2A Lady Lions ended their season last year ranked 13th in 3A ball, and missed going to the state tournament by a single run.  With just four seniors graduating and most of the starters still in place the Lady Lions, under second year head coach Amy Renaldi, should have another opportunity to make a solid play-off run.

The returning starters are: Kayla Bunton (Jr.) - CF; Claire Busby (Sr.) - OF; Shaeli Herman (So.) - C; Madison Johnson (So.) – 3B; Liz Jonjak (Jr.) - SS;  Aislin Khleif (So.) – 1B;  Abbie Liquori (Sr.) - P.  Other players on the

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