Lyons 5K River Run

By Renée Haip
Over a hundred and sixty runners from ages four to eighty-two years old from Lyons and beyond responded to the starting gun at the annual Lyons River Run on Saturday morning. Beyond our young Lyons’ distance athletes just returning from their

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LHS Pioneer Family Grads Honored

Lyons pioneer families seem to be holding their own as eight seniors from the class of 2015 were honored at the museum program during the Good Old Days celebration.

SHELBY ANDREW, the daughter of Jeff and Audrey Andrew, is a descendant of Charley Andrew who came from Iowa in the late 1800’s for his asthma; as well as a descendant of Otis and Hattie Anderson, whose son, Donald married Elaine

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Local Man Rescued In RMNP

At 9:30 a.m., Sunday, June 28, rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) were notified by cell phone that Chris LeGault, 48, from Lyons, had taken a reported fifty-foot fall while backcountry skiing on Sundance Mountain. LeGault had

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Colorado Driver Licenses Fees To Change

Beginning July 15, the fees for Colorado driver licenses, instruction permits, identification cards, and related services will be changing. These changes were authorized in SB14-194. The new law limited the increase to no more than twenty percent in fiscal year 2015-16 and specified the revised fees could not exceed the cost of providing the service. As a result, some fees

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Model Train Open House

On Saturday, July 4, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (sharp) Steve and Anne Haskew will hold an open house for the Lyons area community to enjoy their incredible outdoor narrow gauge model train set up. The Haskews have built this labor of love over

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What's The Future For Affordable Housing In Lyons?

By Amy Reinholds

Editor’s Note: Ms. Reinholds served on the Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force from December 2013 through its end in February 2015. She is currently a member of the Lyons Human Services and Aging Commission and serves as a liaison to the special housing committee. She has lived in Lyons for eleven years and in the surrounding Lyons area since 1995.

June started with drama about which fees and how much could be waived by the Lyons Board of Trustees for six proposed Habitat for Humanity homes on the former Valley Bank site, and whether Craig Ferguson would pull out of his contract to purchase the 0.76-acre parcel at 302 Second Avenue. But the month ended with Ferguson closing on June 26, just as

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Touring Musicians At The Cup

This Saturday, July 4, at 9:30 a.m. to help Lyons residents kickoff their holiday weekend, The Stone Cup is pleased to present two unique musicians, who are in the middle of touring, and have put Lyons on their itinerary.

Jessa Young, a.k.a. Morphic Dream, was born in Salt Lake City, and grew up in a family of eleven musicians. By age five she was singing,

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New, New, & Re-New

The Canyon Door is a new restaurant (located in the former Outlaw Saloon) that plans to “officially” open their doors with a limited menu on Thursday, June 25 (they hosted a benefit last week and followed that with a couple of “soft opening nights”). They will be open for lunch and dinner, and invite everyone to stop

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GiddyUP! Debuts In Lyons

Lyons residents, Dan and Jocelyn Farrell, founded GiddyUP! Film Tour earlier this year. This event brings bicycle lovers together for a unique social experience featuring a pre-show happy hour and eleven short mountain bike films from across the globe. Intermission is jam-packed with door prizes and a high-energy raffle including loads of cool mountain biking gear.

Dan Farrell says they started the venture after being inspired by a similar event in the fly fishing industry.  “Doug Powell and his Fly Fishing Film tour gave us the initial idea, and he’s been a tremendous mentor helping us get to where we are today”

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