“Plant it Forward!”

The Lyons Garden Club (LGC) is excited to announce a new project called “Plant it Forward!”  The idea behind this project, which was actually conceived by Eagle Crest Elementary teacher Sheila Freehill and the

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About Town - June 19, 2014

We know you all honored your fathers and grandfather last Sunday; going to church with him, taking him out to eat, a box of chocolates, etc. As we think of our fathers, we think of someone that “brings home the

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College Dean List Congratulations!

Blaine Peterson was named to the Avila University Dean's List for Spring 2014. Candidates possessed a grade point average of at least a 3.5.

Avila University located in southwest suburban Kansas City, Mo. is a Catholic, co-educational, values-based liberal arts institution founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, offering undergraduate, graduate, and adult degree programs.

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Legal Lines

Question: “What are the laws surrounding cyber bullying? How much trouble can a child get into?”

Answer: When Opie got his lunch money stolen, Barney Fife taught him how to fight the bully. Probably not an appropriate response anymore, but at least Opie got to face his tormentor and there was a refreshing

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POT Bogs Down BOT

By Joseph Lekarczyk
As we all know from past experiences with medical marijuana, nothing bogs down the pace of a Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting like a discussion about regulating marijuana sales, retail or medical. OMG! As Yogi

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A Team Effort

Representatives from the Colorado Rockies where in town Tuesday morning to join with Oskar Blues Can’d AID project to present Town of Lyons Parks & Recreation Supervisor Dave Cosgrove with checks totaling

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Three Flood Recovery Events coming to Allenspark

Flood Recovery Information Meetings at the Fire Department Community Room
Speakers from US Forest Service, the National Resources Conservation Services (which cleared out and stabilized streams, ANEN (the Allenspark Neighors Emergency Network) and Colorado Spirit Flood Recovery will be presenting a program on 1] the Timeline and impact of the floods, 2] what the recovery effort has

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Flood Damage And Repair To Water Systems Shown On Boulder County Water Tour

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
Boulder County is fortunate. Boulder County has three river drainages that are sources of native water; that is, water from within the watershed. This native water allows agriculture to flourish and the residents of Boulder and Longmont to have green lawns. However, this good fortune became bad fortune last September. The days long roaring of these rivers blew out ditch headgates and damaged reservoirs. This threatened both thousands of acres of farmland and municipal water supplies.

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Historic Buildings Bring Magic To A Town

By Kathleen Spring
Each year, Coloradans are saving churches, schools, streams, journals, and more to enjoy now and for future generations. Annually in May, state and local counties recognize significant history preservation projects that have taken place during the previous year. While people, cities, counties, and groups are honored with certificates and plaques for their outstanding history preservation achievements, the biggest benefit of having these award ceremonies is so that the public can become aware of the many projects that are going on to preserve their surrounding buildings, parks, archives and more. Coloradans can reap the benefits, and take pride in their town, enjoying or accessing these useful and often beautiful treasures.

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