Temporary closure and spectator information for the IRONMAN Boulder triathlon on Sunday, Aug. 2

Note: Corrections have been made since information has been released - The Boulder Reservoir will be closed to all uses other than IRONMAN Boulder.

The second annual IRONMAN Boulder triathlon will take place from 4 a.m. to midnight on Sunday, Aug. 2. About 3,000 athletes, along with their friends and families, will be in Boulder this week to participate in the world’s largest IRONMAN. The triathlon route includes a 2.4-mile swim in Boulder Reservoir, 112-mile bike ride through Boulder and

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Crime, Noise, & Taxes

Prior to Monday night’s regularly scheduled Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, the Gang of Seven (six actually, although Mayor Pro Tem Connie Sullivan was on speakerphone) held a ninety-minute workshop to discuss marijuana. Good thing, since the six-month moratorium for issuing new marijuana related business licenses is set to expire in mid-September. Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen pointed out that since 2009, Town officials and staff

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Blue Dream Opens

Blue Dream, a new gift store located in the Lyons Village Central Plaza on East Main Street opened last week, just in time for the arrival of the Festivarians for RockyGrass. The shop will specialize in local art, greeting cards, hemp products (T-shirts, hats, etc.), as well as glass pipes and other paraphernalia. Store manager Roderick Moreland says he also plans to carry items aimed at the many outdoor enthusiasts who live in the area, including a waterproof 110-watt speaker system that can be mounted on your kayak!

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Haven For Your Home

Lyons resident Laura Richardson has recently opened Haven, a home and design decorating store featuring unique antique, re-purposed furniture, lighting, clothes, accent pieces, and more. Just the right touch, that can’t be found anywhere else, no matter how hard you look. Haven is located here in Lyons behind the Upholstery Shop on Third Avenue between Main and Broadway. Store hours may vary, but generally are Wednesday and Thursday 11 a.

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Happy Days Are Here Again!

It’s been a long, grueling, frustrating, and emotional couple of years for the hard-hit residents of the confluence area. Many of them have been tirelessly working to get their lives back in order, and make their homes once again livable. Twenty-two months after their home-based businesses were flooded out, two confluence neighbors are once again open for business in Lyons!

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Retirement Sale, Everything Must Go

Lyla Carter, owner of the White Lion Gift Shop here in Lyons, is selling her business, lock, stock, and barrel (the first two literally, the third figuratively). After being in business on High Street for twenty-one years, Carter is holding a “Retirement Sale” to thin out the inventory (20% off on purchases of over $20). The building, a turn-key business, which includes two rooms upstairs, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and laundry room, as well as a cottage and

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Beware Of Your Water!

Many of you have probably received a yellow or green card in the mail saying in bold print – “WATER UPDATE.” Then it goes on to say, they haven’t been able to contact you by phone or home visit, and to please contact Miss Gardner within 72 hours, and then lists a number and times to call.
When a call was made to the number, a sweet-voice young thing explains that Miss Gardner is currently out, but that they contacted you because of “reports” about the water quality in your particular area; discoloration, funny taste or smell, etc. And they would be pleased to come to your home and do a free “instantaneous” test to determine what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

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Lyons Man To Stand Trial

Lyons resident Patrick Ward has been ruled competent to stand trial for the death of Boulder resident Michel Van Duym, who was riding his bike through Lyons when he was struck by Ward at the intersection of Second Avenue and East Main Street (Rte. 36) on May 11, 2013. Ward is scheduled to go on

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“Great Job”

About a year ago I sent you all some emails with some of my thoughts about RV parking in Meadow Park. I am a former resident of X Bar 7 and the Lyons area for over twenty years. We return each year in our motor home for the past nine years. We were in the camping area the night of the flood.

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