In Harm's Way

Guest Editorial

By Robert Brakenridge
Lyons, CO

All of my neighbors in the Lyons Valley Park “Island” of the flood of 2013 know the following by heart. But while town government considers where to situate recovery housing, there are some facts to be remembered and shared. Bohn Park is really no place to build new housing.

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Lyons Music Ticket - Dec 25-31

Open Mic
Every Thursday, 7-9 pm
Spirit Hound Distillers
4196 Ute Hwy

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Thank You And Goodbye

By Janaki Jane, Colorado Spirit
By the time you read this article, Colorado Spirit will have closed their office in Lyons. The team members: Camilo Casas. Janaki Jane, Beth Knorek. Robin Lyons, and Sally Truitt; will have finished our work for the Lyons community and moved on to the next adventure in our lives. The team is deeply grateful for the welcome given to them

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Dispelling The Legend – Part I

By Lyons Bluesologist, David McIntyre

What was Robert Johnson really doing at the crossroads?

First, some background. This story is one I wrote many years ago for the Denver Blues & Bones Festival. They wanted a short piece on the blues and BBQ, and I had been thinking about the myth of the iconic bluesman Robert Johnson going down to the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61 in Clarkdale, Mississippi to sell his soul to the Devil; who in turn made him a great guitar player.

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Stage 6 Set

With the majority of the host cities announced for the 2015 USA Pro Challenge, organizers looked to fans to help determine the start and finish locations for Stage 6. Thousands of fans submitted their opinions, providing more than twenty start and finish city options. In the end, nearly half the responses

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Poetry Corner - Dec. 25, 2014


The Grinch grew a heart
Scrooge did too

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Mensa Scholarships

The Mensa Education and Research Foundation will award scholarships again this year. Scholarship winners will receive awards of $300 to $1,000 based on an essay of 550 words or less describing their academic or career goals.

Contestants do NOT have to be members of Mensa, although certain award are reserved for Mensa members. The only eligibility requirements for the public

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Fight Till The End

The 3A Valley Vikings (4-2) were expected to beat the 2A Lady Lions but no one told that to the Lyons girl’s as they played the game with great intensity. The Vikings started mostly experienced senior players, and also had lots of depth. The Lady Lions only rotated one substitute player in and out of the game,

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Why Registering With Selective Service Matters

With the rising cost of college and a daunting job market, it’s easy to worry about what will happen to the young people in our community as they enter adulthood. For young men, there’s one easy way to improve their chances in life: register with the Selective Service System.

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