I-25 Express Lanes Carpool Requirements Have Changed

Carpool requirements on the I-25 Express Lanes recently changed with the start of toll collection on Phase 1 of the US 36 Express Lanes. The change, which took place on July 22, requires drivers on both highways to get the new switchable pass to travel in the Express Lanes for free as a carpool.

Now that the current I-25 Express Lanes into downtown Denver are open for both tolled and HOV vehicles, it’s important for users to obtain a switchable pass so that they can indicate their status as HOV users and not receive a charge. The pass saves

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Crime, Noise, & Taxes

In the article below, about the BOT titled Crime, Noise, & Taxes, I wrote “Greenberg wants more public input, and he suggested the increase be three quarters of one percent (0.75%).” Trustee Greenberg stated that, “there has been discussion of raising the rate three quarters percent and that I would like more discussion from the Board and hear more public input.” I am sorry for misquoting Trustee Greenberg, and for any confusion and it caused the public.
Joseph Lekarczyk, Editor Lyons Recorder  

Prior to Monday night’s regularly scheduled Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, the Gang of Seven (six actually, although Mayor Pro Tem Connie Sullivan was on speakerphone) held a ninety-minute workshop to discuss marijuana. Good thing, since the six-month moratorium for issuing new marijuana related business licenses is set to expire in mid-September. Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen pointed out that since 2009, Town officials and staff

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Fightin’ Phils Are League Champs!

By Wendy Stevelinck
Last week at Rodriguez field, the Longmont U11-12 league championship game took place between the Giants (10-0-1) of Longmont, and the Fightin’ Phils (8-3) of Lyons.

The Fightin’ Phils are sponsored by the St. Vrain Market of Lyons, and the team, coached by Rob Bogges, Jason Christiansen and Martin Sooslooff, is made up of fifth and sixth grade boys from the Lyons area.

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What’s New @ The Library?

By Kate Kerr

How to get a library card?
It’s fast and easy. Just bring a photo ID to the library. Librarian Katherine Weadley and/or assistant Sora Huff will be happy to help you.

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Help Dr. Gregg Become A “Super Conductor”

Anyone who has a child in the Lyons Middle/Senior High School music program already knows that Dr. Karen Gregg is a super teacher, a super band director, a super orchestra director, a super bassoonist, and a super mentor for all of her students. Now the appreciative LHS parents can help her become a Super Conductor, and lead the Longmont Symphony Orchestra during their season opening concert (October 3, 2015).

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RockyGrass 2015

By Ken Singer
The 43rd annual edition of RockyGrass took place last weekend July 24-26 with a sold-out crowd of sun-drenched bluegrass enthusiasts. There were 21 national and international acts on the main stage as well as musicians competing for prizes in the traditional instruments of bluegrass. It was heartwarming to see a picker as young as twelve competing with older musicians.

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Burglary/Assault Suspect Apprehended

On Friday, July 17, Boulder Communications received a 911 call from a residence in the town of Lyons. The caller said a neighbor had come to their door saying she needed help because someone had broken into her residence and attempted to rape her.

When officers arrived they found signs of a struggle in the bedroom. The victim said she woke up to at approximately 4 a.m., with an unknown man on top of her. She fought with him, biting his finger,

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A Grateful Thank You

Dear Lyons Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you to Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Nick Goldberger of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, and Lyons Fire Protection District Chief J.J. Hoffman and his crew, and the AMR, who responded to my residence and administered care after my fall on the river bank last Tuesday.

Most of all, thank you to Larry Cohan, who was right there for my mishap, got me up on my feet, to my front porch, and who so calmly took control of my situation. After being medically treated, Larry

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“Viva Lyons”

Hello Lyons businesses! The Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation is putting together a week-long “Viva Lyons” string of events to raise money for Lyons' ongoing flood recovery, and they are interested in including as many local businesses as are interested.

Diana Ralston is heading up this effort, so if you would like to participate, please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are already some events on the books, such as a beer dinner at Lyons Fork, picnic lunch at the Distillery, cocktail hour in Riverbend, as well as conversations about trolley tours through town for shopping. Everyone is welcome to get involved and come up with something

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