What does the Lyons 9 Health Fair have to offer me?

By Sue Wratten RN, Medical Coordinator, Lyons 9 Health Fair

I imagine some may wonder why they should spend a couple hours on the first Saturday of May (May 3rd from 7am to noon) at the Lyons High School’s gymnasium. As the medical coordinator of this fair,

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Lyons Generosity

By Kate Kerr
Recently, I was shopping at Steamboat Natural Foods when a young man entered holding a generous handful of cash. He approached the cashier saying:  “You were here for me after the flood and opened

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BoCo High Hazard Home Demolition Program

Boulder County has reviewed more than thirty locations in Jamestown and unincorporated Boulder County where structures were identified by owners, neighbors, or staff as potential hazards during

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Tainted Meatballs

Last weekend the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office received another call from a person finding two more meatballs containing a suspected poison. This investigation is on going, but at this time it doesn’t appear the latest meatballs found were placed there recently. More likely they were placed during the same time as those previously found. They were discovered in the same private park near the

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About Town - April 24, 2014

Easter was a glorious day, reminding us that the Lord “rose from the dead” on Easter morning; thus, as did  “Our Town of Lyons, Colorado” stated Pastor Emily of the Lyons Community Church. Yes, Lyons rose from the flood, from despair, and things are looking up for most (however, not all) this Easter season.  We must “hang in there” for new beginnings and have faith this Easter season.

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Tax & Spend Warm & Fuzzy

By Joseph Lekarczyk
If Sean, Bill, and the rest of the Fox News conservative talking heads were reporting on Monday night’s Town of Lyons Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, they would be getting all red-in-the-face, and

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Rock n’ River Redux

By Kate Kerr
One-thirty in the morning Thursday, September 12, was an inopportune time for longtime friends of Jay and Elaine Hodge to arrive in Lyons from Pennsylvania. They somehow made it to the Rock n’ River Resort (just west of Lyons on Rte. 36) right as the floodwaters reached the bottom of the only

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Piper Doering Awarded Boettcher Scholarship

Lyons High School senior Piper Doering has been named as one of only forty 2014 Boettcher Foundation Scholarship recipients. Boettcher Scholars are awarded full-ride merit-based scholarships to attend a college or university within the state of Colorado.

“The list of Boettcher Scholars includes some of the most promising young people from across the state,” noted Tim Schultz, President and Executive of the Boettcher Foundation. “The goal of the

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Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Lyons Community,
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 9th Annual Easter Celebration at Sandstone Park. .
Heartfelt thanks to Eben Grace for his gracious help in orchestrating the music, and to all of the other

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