Ditch Workshop

The Ditch & Reservoir Company Alliance (DARCA) will be holding two Alternative Transfer Methods workshops this year. The first workshop will take place on December 2, Wednesday, at Northern Water in Berthoud. A week later, the second meeting will be carried out on December 9, Wednesday, at Pueblo Community College. Both events are free, and run from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

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BoCo Offers Help With Health Coverage

Boulder County has launched an outreach campaign, which targets residents who currently do not have health insurance. The campaign encourages them to learn about their options for coverage through Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO), the state’s health insurance marketplace. The county has increased staff to help residents during the open enrollment period, which runs now through January 31, 2016.

The outreach campaign is titled “Why Me?” and focuses on individuals who have yet to enroll in health insurance even though it is mandated by law under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The county estimates that nearly 10,000 residents are currently living without health insurance, with a majority of these uninsured including Latino residents and young adults. Since the ACA was implemented, Boulder County has seen the number of uninsured resident decrease by sixty percent.

About Town - November 26, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

Another week gone by and it is Thanksgiving.  We each have many things to be thankful for; housing, clothes, food, family and friends, a job, retirement, good health, and most of all to keep living. Yes, we express our thanks for everything. Enjoy Thanksgiving, a day to give our thanks.  (I read where there are 880 million people in the world are eating 48 million turkeys.)

 It will soon be time to put your petition in to run for the town board. The deadline is January 25.  All seven seats (Mayor and six Trustees) are up for election. Four votes against marijuana would ax it. Do we need the money, as the state is bringing in millions? A big question. Round up those who said they can find us housing, want or do not want marijuana,

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100% of Colorado Counties Impacted By Weather Disasters

Nearly 100% of Coloradans live in counties affected recently by weather-related disasters, including wildfires and severe flooding according to new interactive map using data from the federal government. Scientists say global warming is already exacerbating some extreme weather events and their impacts, and Colorado is no exception.

“We used to think of climate change as a problem that would happen someday, somewhere,” said Anna McDevitt, with Environment Colorado. “But as this map helps demonstrate,

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2015 Brave, Bold, & Beautiful  

Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), a program of Mental Health Partners, announces the “2015 Brave, Bold, and Beautiful” event featuring New York Times best-selling author, Rosalind Wiseman on Thursday, December 3, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., in the Glenn Miller Ballroom in the University Memorial Center (1669 Euclid Avenue) in Boulder. The evening features inspirational speakers, an award presentation, entertainment by Cloud 9 String Quartet, appetizers, and beverages. MESA will honor the individuals responsible for restarting

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Holiday Open House In Allenspark Features Art Demonstrations, Author Appearance

Are you looking for a really special holiday gift for a loved one—or maybe yourself? Do you believe in supporting local artists, and seeing how they create their work? Then don’t miss the Holiday Open House at The Old Gallery at 14863 Hwy.7 in Allenspark on Saturday, Dec. 5 and Sunday, Dec. 6 from noon to 4 p.m.

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Funk, Blues & Bluegrass

By David McInyyre, Lyons Bluesologist

This coming weekend is a perfect example of an eclectic group of bands and music for your listening and dancing pleasure.
Friday evening, November 27, starts with a band out of Denver called Digg. Digg happens when the music hits just right. When you can’t help but to nod your head, gyrate your body,

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The Science of Archaeology

The Occasional Curmudgeon by Gary L. Moore

A few years back, I was teaching an archaeological field school (at the Pigg Site, part of Lowery Ruins, in southwestern Colorado) for Colorado State University, mostly for inexperienced, undergraduate students. One of our gradual students (not enrolled in the field school) dropped by and was endeavoring to impress a couple of the female undergraduates. He was holding forth, telling the young ladies “all” about professional archaeology. It had been a long, hot day, and I must have been tired, but I had heard just about enough.

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Coming Out & Connecting For Seniors

The wishes of those aging, and current public philosophy, point to more independence while aging. Recent demographic research shows we can expect a tsunami of aging, even though there are a lot of new young families in our community. While there are services available to seniors, there is an air of personally taking charge, which will continue to grow. This is about seniors sharing with others, directing and advising around their own needs and wishes.

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