Rocky Mountain National Park Will Increase Entrance And Camping Fees

Starting on October 1, Rocky Mountain National Park will increase entrance fees in order to fund important maintenance and improvement projects within the park.  Because of Rocky’s proximity to the populated Colorado Front Range, the park will be adding a single day pass to the existing option of fees.  This “Day Use Pass” will be $20 while the weekly pass will

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Volunteers needed for Boulder’s Walk and Bike Month 2015

Organizers of Boulder’s 39th annual Walk & Bike Month are seeking volunteers for the 60+ events planned for June. Be a part of one of the nation’s largest Walk and Bike Month celebrations and help celebrate Boulder’s unique and nationally-recognized pedestrian and bicycle culture.

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Mayor Enjoys Junket

Mayor John O’Brien was in our nation’s capital Monday evening trying to straighten out the mess that is our federal government. Actually, he was giving a presentation on resiliency, so Mayor Pro-Tem Connie Sullivan wielded the gavel at the Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting in his stead. In a pre-meeting workshop the Trustees received a presentation from CU-Denver students on municipal campus design concepts (ideas for public works/town hall facilities), and they also had a

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New Mental Health Care Provider In Lyons

By Meg Waters
The practitioners at Lyons Dental, Lyons Chiropractic, and the Milestone Clinic have long worked to maintain the physical health of Lyons residents. More recently, the Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic and Lyons Community Acupuncture have begun offering holistic healthcare alternatives. Stillwater also offers addiction and related counseling services, but many in the community have become concerned over the past few years about the town’s lack of a full-service mental healthcare

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Pay It Forward For Lyons!

Shortly after the earthquakes began in Nepal, Lyons Volunteers thought about ways they could help. While attempting to travel there or sending supplies is impractical, well-placed donations could really be helpful. It did not take long to focus on

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Hoe Down for the Home Town

All are invited to a good old-fashioned Hoe Down!  What exactly is Hoe Down you might ask?  Modern definitions describe it as a “social gathering at which lively folk dancing takes place”.  Other synonyms include a party, shindig, hootenanny, bash, jamboree, dance and celebration.  The Lyons Community Foundation is hosting an event that will include all the above in an

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Looking To Form Calling Tree

Golden Gang members, area seniors, and/or other homebound residents, are you interested in joining “Daniel’s Calling Tree?” If you would like to be called, to chat, or be checked in on, on a daily, weekly, or whatever basis, or perhaps you’d like to call someone who wants to chat or be checked on, please contact Danni Smithat (970) 631-2789.

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Farm and Water Tour

Boulder County Parks and Open Space announces the 2015 Farm and Water Tour Series.  Now in its sixth year, this award-winning program will include three Farm Tours and a Water Tour.

The Water Tour will take place on Saturday, June 13, from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. The all-day water tour gives an on-the-ground view of Boulder County’s water resources, including its roles in producing local food and providing water to rural

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Cane Conclave Update

As the Ninth Annual Colorado Cane Conclave nears we would like to update everyone on the event and remind you that registration closes on Monday, July 27. Donation items are steadily coming in for the Saint Vrain Anglers Trout Unlimited silent auction with one hundred percent of the proceeds going to the Buttonrock Preserve Restoration Fund. For those

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