All Quiet On The Western Front?

The din bombarding Staff and Trustees at Town Hall over the last few months has been coming from two entities; from the amplified music emanating from the River Bend wedding/event venue just west of town, and a group of neighbors who have complained that the amplified music during weekend events has made their life unbearable. At issue at the special Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting/public hearing Monday night

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“Mosaic” – A Celebration Of Lyons

In remembrance of the devastating flood of two years ago, and to celebrate the spirit of Lyons with what unifies us all – arts, music, and community, Sounds of Lyons (SOL) and the Clarifier Project join together to present “Mosaic: Celebrating Lyons III. Come join in celebrating the beauty, the resilience, and the legacy

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Celebrate Lyons Fire Station 2 Opening!

Did you know that the Lyons Fire Protection District has two stations? Station 2 was undermined and destroyed by the flood of 2013. Since then the Fire District has been hard at work rebuilding the station. It is now open and functioning!

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Town of Lyons - Special Meeting

August 31, 2015
Special Board of Trustees Meeting

On August 31, the Board of Trustees (BOT) held a special meeting to continue the public hearing for Ordinance 981, a request to rezone the River Bend properties (501, 503, and 517 West Main Street) to Commercial Eastern Corridor (CEC) Zone District, and for approval of a special use review to allow up to twenty recreational vehicles, also known as “Tiny Homes,” for overnight accommodations on the same property.

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80540 Life & Learning - A New Class

The 80540 Life and Learning program has set up a knitting/crochet/needlework group, which will meet Mondays at Stone Cup at 11:30 a.m., starting September 14. This is a handwork group where those who know how to knit, crochet or do needle work can work on their own projects and help others learn. The

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Increase in Bear Activity

During the past week, a number of area residents have reported bear sightings and encounters to county and state wildlife officials. Last week five bears were relocated from Boulder by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Urban bear activity typically increases in late August as bears enter the stage of hyperphagia, a period of excessive eating to fatten for hibernation. Officials expect an increase in activity this fall because of a food shortage in natural areas.  

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BOT Meeting - Sept 8, 2015

5:30 pm  - 6:45 pm – Proposed Marijuana Amendments

Town Of Lyons Board Of Trustees Meeting
7 p.m., TUESDAY, September 8, 2015

Shirley F. Johnson Council Chamber
Lyons Town Hall, 432 5th Avenue, Lyons, Colorado

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Cope with Electronic Reading

By Kate Kerr
Lyons local Christie Cope was spotted at this summer’s recent Folks Festival in Lyons reading a book for her book club -  on her phone! The book was “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. The story details the complications of life during the WWII Nazi invasion of France.

Christie says she reads all the time using her phone and her iPad. Historical fiction is her favorite. (She admits, “a touch of romance never hurts!”) She purchases her downloaded books but says she’d like to try

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Hola Richardo!

Lyons Life - By Ken Singer

Call him a “networker.” It may not be a word that spellchecker holds in high esteem, but that is what Rick England is. He has lived in Lyons since 1986 and knows just about everyone in town. Rick likes to connect people who are looking for something with others who have something, such as connecting someone who needed fill after the flood with someone who needed to get rid of silt, or connecting someone looking for work with a potential employer.

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